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Getting the Most out of a PDO Thread Lift

with Dr. Bonnie Marting, DNP, APRN, Nurse Practitioner of the Anushka MedSpa Do not adjust your screen: Treatment and potential results with a PDO Thread Lift can sound sort of like a miracle. In less than an hour, sagging skin

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BBL vs Non-Surgical BBL: Similarities and Differences

BBLs, or Brazilian Butt Lifts, are a hot topic of conversation these days. Although they can help people achieve the round, sculpted rear they’ve been dreaming of, surgical BBLs are also incredibly risky and can come with serious (even life-threatening)

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What is Cellulite Reduction Treatment?

As frustrating as it can be, cellulite is something the majority of women and some men have. Estimates say between 80-90% of women have it (and under 10% of men). Although it’s a normal occurrence on the body, many women

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Lash Lifting: Everything You Should Consider

You’ve done everything you can to get the voluminous and curled lashes of your dreams. Whether it’s layering on mascara or spending countless times trying to use your lash curler to make your lashes stay lifted. Regardless of what you’ve

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Statement Holiday Hairstyles to Wow the Room

The time has finally come to start thinking about holiday hairstyles. No really – we can’t believe it either! And while you might have the go-to hairstyle that you bring out for every special occasion, this might just be the

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