Pre-Summer Planning with Botox 3 Ways

Palm Beach is a destination all its own, but for many of our clientele at Anushka, the start of May means they’re actually preparing to jet off for the summer. And with this in mind, I work with them to design a plan to maintain their youthful appearance throughout these summer months so that they look and feel their very best – no matter where in the world they end up.

And this year in particular, I’m recommending Botox to solve a myriad of touchpoints, in addition to our much-loved line of dermal fillers and the inimitable Sculptra. It may surprise you just how versatile Botox can be, but with strategic placement, this top-prized neuromodulator can actually help smooth, lift, and support your beauty needs in 1 other remarkable way. Read on to learn more!

Fix Jowling with Botox

The first sings of “jowling” will present itself at either corner of the mouth, slightly posterior. This is where we start to see a bit of a “sag” materialize. When Botox or Dysport is placed strategically at these points, the “lifting” muscles are capable of pulling up to make that little sag disappear. Because that area is lifting the jowl, it also gives a slight lift to the neck for a more youthful profile – an added benefit of this particular treatment!

Prevent Sweating with Botox

The summer months tend to be brutally hot no matter where you go, and especially if you spend it here in South Florida. Sweating is nearly unavoidable, but with strategically placed Botox in the underarm area, we can help alleviate excessive perspiration and keep sweat glands at bay for up to 4 months – well through our warmest summer months.

The condition itself is actually called “Hyperhidrosis,” and is easily treated with an appropriate dose of Botox or Dysport under each arm. I do get asked if this causes other areas of the body to sweat more. The answer is, gratefully, no! You will just have the benefit of perspiring less in the underarm region, which helps put the mind at ease and helps maintain the integrity of your clothing as a bonus!

Lose Lines with Botox

Of course, when used for its most well-known purpose, there really is no comparison to using Botox to smooth the lines of the face. The versatility of Botox in the face can help reduce or remove lines and wrinkles on the forehead, corners of the eyes, around the nose and more. In as little as 2 weeks, you will notice a complete reversal in line and wrinkle formation, with results lasting up to 6 months.

Of course, my biggest recommendation in preparation for summer is to make sure you’re equipped with a great sunscreen of at least 40+ SPF. No other element will deteriorate skin and lead to the appearance of aging like the sun’s powerful rays. We have a number of excellent products at Anushka from brands like iS Clinical, Tizo, Zo Skin Health and more. To learn more about these products or to schedule a pre-summer appointment with me, contact our cosmedical concierge at 561-820-8055, or send an email to: