Powder Brows vs Microblading | What’s The Difference

Permanent makeup has made its way into the spotlight in recent years, and for a good reason! Permanent makeup can end up saving you a lot of time and money in the long run – not to mention it looks fantastic. That’s especially true when it comes to the eyebrows and permanent makeup solutions such as powder brows vs microblading.

If your brows are an area that you would like to be more filled in without you having to do it each and every day, then both microblading and powder brows can be great options. Microblading has been known to be super effective, while powder brows are one of the great eyebrow microblading alternatives.

You might be wondering then, how you’re supposed to choose between the two when it comes to permanent makeup for your brows. We’re here to help!

What are Powder Brows?

If you haven’t heard of powder brows before, they’re essentially a semi-permanent technique that allows you to shape your eyebrows using a soft powder makeup look. This misty, powdered effect looks super similar to what your brows would look like when wearing makeup.

The process includes inserting permanent makeup pigments into the surface layers of the skin. This is done using a machine that is specifically designed for cosmetic tattooing. A shading technique is often used to help achieve the look of individual brow hairs and provide the appearance of soft-looking, beautiful brows.

What is Microblading?

Microblading on the other hand is a very popular option for achieving realistic-looking eyebrows. This treatment works to enhance the eyebrows without looking too bold. The goal is for the eyebrows to look as natural and subtle as possible.

Like powder brows, pigments are inserted into the surface layers of the skin. But instead, it’s done using a manual tool that looks similar to a blade with a number of tiny needles. This blade is used to draw hair-like strokes that help to fill out the brow and imitate eyebrow hairs. This ends up creating fuller-looking brows as it helps to fill out the thinner areas.

Microblading is great if you have uneven hair distribution throughout your brows.

Similarities Between Powder Brows and Microblading

To help you get a better understanding of powder brows vs microblading, let’s run through some of the similarities between the two techniques.

Both require down time to heal

Unlike some of the facial treatments you can get, both powder brows and microblading will require some downtime after you receive the treatment. Both of them can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to heal and they actually both require a very similar healing process.

The general process of healing starts with extreme darkness in the brows, followed by extreme lightness, scabbing, and flaking. You will want to go through the entire process before you look at booking another appointment.

Your natural brows are enhanced

Regardless if you choose powder brows or microblading, your natural brows are going to be enhanced. That’s the goal of permanent makeup after all!

Both powder brows and microblading will work to enhance the brows you already have and will create a more voluminous, fuller look brow. This is sure to help accentuate your natural brow and provide you with a more defined appearance.

Both fade slightly over time

As both of these treatments are considered semi-permanent, they will fade slightly over time. How much they fade will depend on factors such as your skincare routine, your lifestyle, and the overall look you are wanting to maintain.

Darker, fuller brows may require more touch ups, while lighter, softer brows will likely require best. Your brow technician will be able to make recommendations for your desired look and then let you know when touch ups will be required.

Each one requires touch ups

As we mentioned above, touch ups are required with both powder brows and microblading. You might wait longer, just to get the brows fully redone. Or get more regular touch-ups to keep your brows looking fresh.

The great thing about both powder brows and microblading is that they can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years. Pretty incredible if you ask us!

What’s the Difference Between Powder Brows and Microblading?

Now that you know more about the similarities between powder brows and microblading, let’s look at two of the main differences.

Styles are different

One difference that you may already have assumed based on what you’ve read so far, is that the styles are different between the two. With powder brows, shade is created underneath the natural hairs of the brow. This helps to achieve a more dramatic look. This look is similar to what your brows would look like with makeup applied. That means it can be as subtle or dramatic as you would like it to be.

Microblading focuses on creating individual strokes that imitate the actual look of your natural eyebrow hairs. This helps them to appear very realistic and makes it almost impossible to distinguish between your real hairs and the microbladed hairs by just looking.

Each technique is effective in accomplishing different styles which means it really depends on what style it is that you’re going for.

Techniques can be quite different

The second difference, which is probably the main difference, is the way that these procedures are done.

Microblading involves micro incisions that are made one by one. A hand tool is used to manually dip into the pigment and apply it to the outer layer of the skin. This is done in individual strokes so that each one resembles the fine look of the natural eyebrow hairs.

A permanent makeup machine is used for powder brows. Thousands of tiny dots of pigment are inserted into the skin using this machine. This helps to create the shaded look we discussed earlier.

Which Brow Technique is Best for You?

The answer to this question isn’t going to be the same for everyone. When deciding between the two techniques, there are a few factors you should take into account.

Skin type

If you’re someone who has dry skin, then microblading is likely going to be a great option for you. It’s known to look neater and a bit more defined.

If you have oilier skin, then powder brows might be the better option. It lasts longer and is better suited to this skin type.

Natural eyebrows

Your natural eyebrows should definitely be considered when it comes to choosing between powder brows and microblading. Thin and patchy eyebrows are usually best suited to microblading and it can help to add more subtle volume to the brows.

You might already have eyebrow hair, but are looking to achieve an even fuller look. In that case, powder brows are definitely going to be the better option!

Style preferences

Your decision on what brow technique to go for could depend on your style preferences, and what look you want to achieve. If you want to go for a more natural look, then microblading is likely going to be your best bet. The application of individual brows hair helps the brows to look less glam, and a bit more subtle for day to day.

If you’re going for the thicker, denser eyebrow look then powder brows can help you to achieve it!


Last but not least is your lifestyle. If you’re someone who applies makeup just about every day, then powder brows are going to be your best friend! They will help you to look as done up as the rest of your face without you having to deal with your brows.

Powder brows are also a great option for those who are exposed to the sun more often or those who sweat a lot as the brows are likely to fade faster. Powder brows will last longer!

While microblading is a bit more popular when it comes to semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, the decision is ultimately up to you! Powder brows are also growing in popularity and q43 is especially great for those who like to look glam day in and day out.

It’s also possible to combine powder brows and microblading, which means you won’t necessarily have to choose between the two. If you want denser, more defined eyebrows, but still want your brows to look natural, then requesting combo brows can be a great option as well!

Permanent Makeup with Anushka

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