Pro-Aging: An Internal and External Guide

Pro-Aging is the term replacing the idea of “anti-aging”. Based on a few different theories, and an expanding assortment of excellent treatments, Pro-Aging puts us more in charge of what happens to us, as well as how we allow ourselves to perceive it.

“You’re only as old as you feel” is an idea that has been around for many generations. I do feel like my parents aged appropriately (I should state: I was a late baby, therefore my parents were much older than other playmates’ parents when I was young) for the generation of their time. While my mother did not stop applying some makeup if she was going out, she did stop dying her hair. This, even with my 5-6 year-old mentality, was, in my opinion, not a good idea. But now, however, I understand this was her choice to make.

Pro-aging contains the premise that we have choices. Some are obvious: eat right, exercise frequently, keep positive thoughts, while others are more inherently scientific.

As we know, there are two general categories of aging: intrinsic and extrinsic. As the name implies, “intrinsic aging” originates from within. “Extrinsic aging” is the result of what we did and how we led our lives. The usual suspects of excessive extrinsic aging include unprotected sun exposure, smoking/vaping, illicit drug use, excessive alcohol use, an exorbitant amount of tv or video time, lack of habitual exercise, and lack of necessary, restorative sleep.

Dr. Aubrey de Grey, PhD, a Biomedical Gerontologist, has studied aging for decades, and has theorized, through rigorous research, that much of what is responsible for intrinsic aging can be alleviated. Aging is a phenomenon of physics, and he believes that with comprehensive maintenance, it can be halted. He postulates that for every cell mutation or deviation from its natural function, there is a medical method to reverse, or correct the issue. These are called “The Seven Deadly Things”. The following is a link to a chart within a YouTube presentation to illustrate the concept:

With increasing research, some of these treatments may be available to us someday, especially since there is high demand for maintaining youth in our society. Without the means to counter the degradation of our cells and bodily functions at this time, we can step-up our game to reduce and reverse some extrinsic aging, as well as pursuing the mind-set necessary to be healthy and happy as long as possible.

Another of Dr. de Grey’s phrase offsprings is “pro-aging trance”. He describes this as a psychological stance where the individual defends the accepted concepts of aging. He further describes that this “trance” is confusing people about what they want, as opposed to what they expect. Would you like more than what you expect? Let’s get rid of this “trance”!

Extrinsic aging…we’ll get to that in a moment. It is important to have a balanced outlook for one to be satisfied with most anything. Otherwise, nothing is enough and you cannot achieve satisfaction, even with aesthetic treatments, if you are constantly focused on your wants, desires, and unhappiness. Psychiatrist Dr. Abigail Brenner states that, “Leading a life of engagement and meaning” is necessary for a content and happier life. Build upon past experiences to learn from them, and thereby creating a more successful and fulfilling future.

For extrinsic aging, first, stop all the bad stuff.

  • Quit smoking
  • Stop binging on food
  • Get up and move around all the time
  • ALWAYS use a physical sunscreen (microfine zinc and titanium)
  • Utilize laser or IPL/BBL to remove apparent sun damage from face, neck and chest
  • Visit your dermatologist if you have had significant sun exposure, especially if you have light eyes
  • Visit a skin care specialist (please, not in a department store) who can advise you on a regimen that will actually improve the health of your skin
  • Use a retinoid to thicken your skin and reverse damage
  • Fall in love with deep green and colorful foods
  • Be positive and share that with others. Negativity causes inflammation throughout.
  • Replace lost facial volume. Returning that volume makes you look happy and that will relate to others.
  • Soften negative facial lines with Dysport or Botox
  • Strive to achieve the weight that makes you feel most active and positive
  • Stand up straight with your shoulders pulled back. You may need to practice this for a while to make it feel natural. Make it your new norm.
  • If you suffer from crepe-like skin, see your aesthetic provider for some Sculptra treatments

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