Pro-Aging: The New Youth Experience

There is no way to avoid being deluged by messages of “anti-aging” today if you listen to the radio, watch tv, or even pick up a magazine. Or, the most “in your face”, social media. The word itself even has a negative connotation. The offerings are anything from supplements (a $61.20 Billion industry in 2020), special surgeries, hormone replacements, and IV stations, not to mention the traditional Botox and dermal fillers. All are designed to retain the youth we once had, or to keep the youth we currently have. But is there a better way to think about it? Does the more philosophical “pro-aging” trend offer more to the end user than just superficial treatments?

The fact is, every day we live, our bodies experience natural aging. Otherwise, we understand, we have ceased to exist. While you can easily deny your real age (I believe fully in this strategy), your birth year remains constant. But you do not have to acquiesce to all believed “realities” of how you should look (or feel for that matter) your current age. Much has to do with how you think about your current situation. More importantly, how you treat yourself at your current stage life.


  • Hormones naturally decrease as we mature
  • We are losing bone in our skulls, as there is no activity known to increase the density of the skull, as opposed to the spine, arms, hips, etc.
  • Fat tends to descend and recede from the face
  • Muscle tends to recede
  • Bones lose some lubrication
  • Collagen reproduction declines starting in the early 20’s

Needless to say, there are many interaction points that result in what we perceive as aging. Thankfully, there are methods to counteract many of these issues.

One term that is becoming popular today is “pro-aging”. This idea represents the thought that we can age (or move along) in ways that decrease the degradation of the human experience.

These include:

  • Eating right and keeping a healthy weight
  • Exercising in sufficient amounts and styles to maintain your bones and muscle mass
  • Using skin products that actually help to rejuvenate your tissues. Pro Tip: Retinoids are a
  • Keeping a positive attitude and knowing that your thought process can either decrease or increase the degradation of your being.
  • Wherever you are today in your regimen of activity and health, slowly increase the intensity over time.
  • Please do not smoke or vape. These have been shown to be extremely deleterious to your being.
  • Drink responsibly.
  • Greet everyone you meet with a smile. This increases the others’ self-esteem and their returned smile speaks wonders for yours.
  • Evaluate all supplements with a clear mind. Look for reviews – not for commercials.

There is an interesting scholar that has studied aging and perhaps methods to decrease the effects of it. Aubrey de Grey has studied this subject for many years and has some interesting ideas of how to alleviate some of the aging issues. We will cover this more in the next blog.

Current ways to alleviate signs of aging:

  • Use skin care that does something: Retinoids a must.
  • Hands are a good giveaway: Have them filled for a youthful presentation.
  • Alleviate strong muscle pull with Dysport or Botox.
  • Realigning the skin a bit with threads can recreate a younger presentation.

Stay tuned as we explore about the new philosophy of “pro-aging”!

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