The Jowl Thread Lift with PDO Threads

Each and every day, our bodies experience constant, subtle changes that reframe our physique and faces. Sometimes, these are positive things! But as time moves on, fewer and fewer of these changes are pleasing, nor benefitting our appearance. We often refer to these as the “signs of aging”. But with the help of a Jowl Thread Lift, we can immediately and significantly improve the contour of the face.

Aging in the Jowl Area

The jowl area has become infamous for creating annoyance and angst as we age. Where once was a well-defined jawline morphs into a “pouch” right in the middle, hanging down and drawing the attention of the eye away from the rest of the face. And while a lower face lift will neatly correct this issue (in the right hands), the jowl “droop” tends to recur within a few years after the procedure.

The recurrence happens due to the fact that, as we age, our skulls are actually shrinking. Adding to that is the natural loss and descent of facial fat under the skin and in key fat pads that earlier kept the face youthful and plump. The resulting “skin envelope” is now too large for the package it surrounds. Hence, the dreaded draping.

Addressing the Jowl Area with a Jowl Thread Lift

The good news is that, depending upon severity, there are non-surgical treatments that can mitigate a sagging neck if it’s not too severe. A bit of neuromodulator, such as Dysport or Botox, can provide a modest lift in many cases. Inserting PDO Threads to lift the mid-jawline, and redirect tissue, can also be effective. Placing another thread just below the jawline can also redirect the neck tissue to make it look smoother. Additionally, because we are losing bone along the jawline as well as the fat that once lined the area, adding a robust dermal filler such as Restylane Contour, RH4, or Juvéderm Voluma can mimic the definition that was present in more youthful years. Note that dermal fillers in these areas can be complicated, so make sure your provider is an expert in this area!

While it may appear that the PDO Thread process, or Jowl Thread Lift, is scary, it is really quite quick and easy. I have many patients that return for this procedure a year or so later because it makes an impressive impact and is no longer something they are afraid of. At The Anushka Cosmedical Centre, I always numb the area before a Jowl Thread Lift so the patient feels no pain, only slight pressure. The numbness is gone in about 45 minutes. And the rest, well, that’s just beauty!

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