Return Of The Curtain Bangs: Are You Brave Enough To Go For The Chop?!

It seems every few seasons, curtain bangs make a stunning comeback! We can barely glance at a magazine let alone scroll through any social media apps without a bombardment of feathery fringes staring back at us. Why does this happen? It’s simple really. Curtain bangs are amazing! They’re the perfect way to get bangs without really committing to a full, high maintenance look. They’ll also give you a totally new appearance with a simple and super-quick hair cut. Additionally, they frame your facial features perfectly. So what’s not to love? In our opinion, very few things! Let’s take a look at the glorious return of curtain bangs and help you decide if they’re for you…

A girl with with curtain bang blonded hair

They’re Simple To Blow Dry

We totally understand that bangs are a huge commitment! In fact, the reason we here at the Anushka Spa & Salon find many clients are put off getting them is because of how long they take to style. However, that’s really not the case with curtain bangs! 

Due to their slightly longer, sweeping style, curtain bangs don’t need the same precise attention as regular bangs do. Depending on the length of your curtain bangs, they can often be styled alongside your regular layers. If not, a simple curling action with your favorite round brush and your blow dryer on a low heat will be all you need to keep them in check all day long!

They Have Celebrity Appeal

From Brigitte Bardot to Dakota Johnson, curtain bangs have been a celebrity favorite for decades! And, we can totally see why. They are simply perfect for framing your eyes and face in general. They add a soft finish to any haircut without the bluntness of regular bangs too. Therefore, we see them on both red carpets and famous Instagram accounts frequently and can’t imagine that’ll stop any time soon!

Girl with ponytail hair and curtain bangs

They Suit All Face Shapes

No matter your face shape, curtain bangs will suit you! Unlike blunt cut bangs that cover your entire forehead, curtain bangs are much wispier and you can cut them to a length that suits your face shape perfectly. Simply ask your stylist to help you come up with your perfect curtain bang length and thickness! Then, simply keep them nourished and cared for, for eternally cute curtain bangs!


They’re Simple To Grow Out

Had enough of your curtain bangs? No problem! The beauty of them is, they can be side swept with ease meaning they’re basically not there when you don’t want them to be. Additionally, this means your curtain bangs are super easy to grow out whenever you need to do that. Shorter bangs are a pain to grow out without pinning them or sporting an Alice band/hat for weeks. Curtain bangs will blend into your hair when you need them to and reach a longer, regular hair length in no time! Book an appointment to experience our best services in West Palm Beach.