Sculptra Plus Morpheus8: The Dynamic Duo of Skin Regeneration

It’s hard to think of a field of with more attention and advancements than is happening in the anti-aging arena. From the inside out, scientists and physicians are dedicated to discovering the best ways to maintain youth and even reverse aging. And one of the very best examples of this is Sculptra: a remarkable collagen stimulant that’s been available in the US for nearly 20 years. And while Sculptra needs no re-engineering, there are ways to improve its results and offer even more rejuvenating benefits to the client. I’m talking about Morpheus8.


All by itself, Morpheus8 is an incredible treatment. With an automated “punch” trigger, the machine gently inserts 12-24 needles into the targeted area, then adds radio frequency to heat the tissue. This combination causes tiny micro wounds that are heated to provide a double mechanism of regeneration. The dermal wounds would be effective all on their own, producing newly minted, younger skin. But when the RF heat is added, a larger collagen destruction takes place, resulting in a stronger stimulation to rebuild normal, more youthful skin.  

Better Together: Sculptra Plus Morpheus8

These two treatments, in combination, produce a symbiotic relationship where each improves the overall efficacy of the other; a combination only recently observed by practitioners. The two treatments act synergistically to produce much healthier, tighter, more youthful skin. 

The suggested treatment protocol is to receive a Morpheus8 treatment first, then Sculptra on a different treatment date. When the target is the face, Sculptra is injected subcutaneously (and just above the bone) to replace some of the structure that has been lost, as happens in normal aging. Cheek bones can be returned to their previous beauty, temples can be restored to their youthful fullness, and the skin can be tightened to mimic a mini facelift. The fine lines and wrinkles that plague us from muscle movements such as smiling and puckering, will be addressed by both the Morpheus8 treatment and the Sculptra injections. 

Among the many benefits of these two procedures, both alone and in combination, is the “recovery” period for each. With regard to Sculptra, this completely non-invasive replenishment treatment has zero downtime. Final presentation will occur about 6 weeks after your treatment. For Morpheus8, most clients have a period between 3-5 days where the skin is healing, however, normal activities can commence immediately after. Collagen production will continue to build for several months after each treatment. 

Treatment Areas

For the face, it is suggested to undergo 3 (three) Morpheus8 treatments, and most likely 2 (two) Sculptra sessions to achieve optimal results. The non-face areas most often treated are lines above the knees, stretch marks, crepey skin in the upper arms, neck and jowl areas, and any areas that are presenting sagginess. The amount of treatments required for these areas is dependent upon the presentation, most often due to things like age, genetic makeup, level of skin exposure and even diet and exercise patterns.

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