Brow Lamination in West Palm Beach

Brow Treatments

Brow Lamination

Pricing: $119 and Up

Brow lamination in West Palm Beach is a keratin treatment for your brows that results in a set, uniform shape, hides small gaps, and gives the illusion of thicker, fuller, perfectly groomed brows.

Brow Tinting

Pricing: $25 and Up

Our eyebrow tinting treatment is a great way to mimic fuller, thicker eyebrows without adding artificial hairs, or filling in the brow line with permanent pigment.

Eyebrow Henna

Pricing: $40 and Up

If you're looking for a more dramatic, clean-cut appearance for your brows, then eyebrow henna is for you. Henna tints the skin and hair, unlike brow tinting, so it is perfect for those who have sparse brows.

Eyebrow Tweeze

Pricing: $25 & Up

Tweezing is a wonderful alternative for eyebrow waxing. When you wax your brows, the process is faster, but not as accurate. Tweezing allows you to transform your brows one hair at a time for a cleaner, more defined brow line.

Eyebrow Design

Pricing: $50 & Up

On top of our waxing and tweezing services, you can ask your brow technician to design your brows—meaning they'll create a defined brow shape that will help balance your features and frame your eyes and face, and refine your appearance.

Brow Extensions

Priced by Consultation

Looking for a more realistic solution to your sparse eyebrows? While eyebrow henna can create the appearance of more hair, eyebrow extensions use surgical adhesive to glue synthetic hairs to the area around your eyebrows. 


Pricing: $800 and Up

Looking for a more permanent solution for your brows? Microblading works like a tattoo, but instead uses pigment rather than ink to deliver natural-looking, longer-lasting brows.

Brow Design & Tint

Pricing: $70 & Up

This combination of our most-loved brow treatments includes a custom brow design and tweeze, then brought to life with a brow tinting using color-matching dyes.

Balance Your Features With Perfect Brows

Eyebrows are some of the most underrated features of your face. when done right, they can help balance your features and frame your face for a more polished, defined appearance. Whether you choose our brow design, brow tinting, or brow lamination in West Palm Beach, our expert brow technicians have the experience to complete your look with exceptional brows that are perfect for you.

Eyebrow treatments don’t just serve a purpose for beauty, but for function as well. Our brow treatments can also help prevent ingrown hairs and provide exfoliation benefits for the skin underneath and around your eyebrows. Whatever the purpose may be, Anushka can help you achieve your brow goals.

How Anushka Approaches Beauty

When Anushka first opened as a small but elegant cellulite clinic, our number one goal was to help clients have exceptional beauty experiences based on the highest quality of treatments and service.

It’s been over 50 years since then, and our dedication to our clients and their goals has propelled us above and beyond what we thought we would achieve in the beauty industry. We’ve grown into a internationally recognized beauty destination, and our commitment to our goal will help us continue to grow and help more clients have unparalleled beauty experiences.

What to Expect

When you arrive at Anushka for your brow treatments, you’ll be guided by our concierge team to your brow technician. Our technician will begin your appointment with a conversation discussing your goals for your brows, and which treatments are the best for you. Once you two have decided on the right treatment for you, we’ll have you lay down to begin your brow services.

Before your treatment, we’ll ask you to show up with a clean face, as that will help our technicians do their best work that delivers long-lasting results. No matter if you receive tinting, waxing, or even brow lamination in West Palm Beach, your eyebrows will be taken care of by some of the best in the industry. Different treatments take different amounts of time—anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Our Specials

Anushka’s specials can help you experience full body beauty without experiencing the full cost. Whether you’re wanting to save on familiar favorites, or looking to test out a new treatment, you have multiple options between our med spa, salon, med spa, and wellness services. However, these specials are updated monthly, so see our specials page today and find the treatments for you before they’re no longer available.


Don’t Furrow Your Brows

There’s no need to be confused on if you need to get a brow design or brow lamination in West Palm Beach. Use our treatment planning tool to find the best brow treatment for you.


Faded Color
Wrinkles & Fine Lines
Thin Lips
Loose Skin

What Our Clients Say

  • Anushka Spa is my happy place. I am a loyal client and they have never disappointed me. From ZO Skin facials, Morpheus8 with Exosomes, BTL EmSculpt and much more. Every time I go, there is a new treatment I want to try. Plus the one hour + pedicures are heaven. Can’t wait to go back…

    - Wendy Lewis

  • Had a facial here and I love how pleasant the staff was. With any service you get access to a wonderful steam room and relaxation area where you can drink water and tea. They also had little cinnamon bites, raisins and pecans. One thing that I recommend they add to make the experience even great would be to add sparking water or fruit infused water! Overall such a rejuvenating experience and kind workers. Will be back!

    - Guti

  • Best spa most beautiful and professional girls ..very luxurious atmosphere very welcoming staff. You are treated as a princess.

    - Amna Ali

  • Love this place. Anjela for waxing – she’ll make you beach ready. And Liza makes my skin look like the skin I WISH I had been born with.

    - Allison H.

  • I have been going to Anushka for years and I can’t say enough good words. Very knowledgeable staff and top-quality products. Always have a great special happening as well for services and perks. Complimentary valet parking is a bonus.

    - Chelsea T.

  • Visited Anushka today for my first time. I got a foot massage with Lena and a
    haircut/blowout with Hakan. It was great! They have valet parking, spa, salon and you
    can shop as well. Everything is really nice and clean. My haircut with Hakan was
    amazing! He knows what he’s doing and he blow dried/styled my hair so well. I’ll be
    back and will definitely be recommending my friends and family. Thanks so much Hakan and Lena!

    - Nathaly Castillo

About Anushka

Anushka first opened in 1974 in New York’s Upper East Side. As a cellulite clinic, we offered select treatments that were clinically proven to deliver the results our clients were looking for. When we opened, our goal was to provide clients with personalized beauty experiences based around the highest quality of service and expertise. And even with the handful of services we had, we knew our treatments accomplished this goal.

Now over 50 years later, Anushka has grown beyond cellulite, and offers a comprehensive selection of treatments between our salon, spa, med spa and wellness center. We’ve been praised as a beauty mecca and are a recognized leader in the beauty industry. However, our initial goal has not changed, and we are proud to continue improving lives by delivering exceptional beauty experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Luxury doesn’t stop at the spa—at the Anushka boutique, you can enhance your look with any of our name-brand clothing, accessories, or artwork. Our products come frame established names in the fashion industry as well as up-and-coming brands that have yet to be discovered by major media. Elevate your look with any of the products at Anushka’s boutique today.


Find Long-Lasting Beauty

Ready to balance your features and elevate your appearance? Schedule a brow extension, brow tweeze, or even a brow lamination in West Palm Beach to raise the bar on beauty.