Eyelash Extensions in West Palm Beach

Lash Extensions & Treatments

Full Set Classic Lashes

Pricing: $199 and Up

Classic eyelash extensions in West Palm Beach are attached by isolating a natural lash and attaching a 1 extension to the natural lash with a professional adhesive. Classic lashes are customizable, ranging from a natural look to a highly dramatic finish.

Classic Lash Fill

Pricing: $99 and Up

Eyelash extensions last as long as the natural lash does. Meaning, as your lashes naturally shed, so will your lash extensions. A refill is recommended every 4-6 weeks for lashes that have given way to new growth.

Full Set Volume Lash Extensions

Pricing: $299 and Up

This treatment is for the client who has wide gaps or sparse lashes and wants a fuller, more dense lash line.

Volume Lash Fills

Pricing: $100 and Up

Volume eyelash extensions will last as long as the natural lash does. A volume lash fill will help replace any lost lashes, adhering new volume lashes to younger ones.

Cluster Lashes

Pricing: $45 and Up

Clusters are for the client who wants a fuller, denser look with a touch of customization. Clusters have approximately 12 brown or black hairs that fan out from the base, ranging in size from long, medium, short, and mini.

Bottom Lashes

Pricing: $75 and Up

Our lower lash treatment is a wonderful way to fill in the lower lash line, mimicking liner, while also adding length and curl.

Strip Lashes

Pricing: $25 and Up

Strip lashes are perfect for the client who only wants lashes for that special occasion. Strip eyelashes are maintenance free, and come in an array of styles from subtle to dramatic, short to long, airy and light to full mega lashes.

Eyelash Shampooing

Pricing: $26

Shampooing is the proper and hygienic way of cleansing the eyelashes before any eyelash service. Removing all traces of makeup and bacteria that lurks in the lashes and settles in the lash follicle. 

Semi-Permanent Lash Tinting

Pricing: $40

Lash tinting is a great way to create the appearance of a fuller lash line by deepening the natural color of the lashes. This treatment is perfect for those who want a fuller look without getting eyelash extensions in West Palm Beach.

Eyelash Perming

Pricing: $83

Eyelash perming is the best way to achieve the perfect curl to your natural lashes, redirect lashes which often naturally grow in different directions, or to straighten lashes which have too drastic of an arch.

Eyelash Lift With Tint

Pricing: $115

An eyelash lift is the best way to permanently curl natural eyelashes, achieving a beautiful arc along the natural lash line without the need for mascara or curling tools. Adding a lash tint will deepen the natural color of the lashes, helping enhance what will appear to be perfectly placed mascara.

Add Fullness To Your Lash Line

Anushka is one of the leading providers of luxurious eyelash extensions in West Palm Beach. Overseen by master Lashologist, Ellie Malmin, our eyelash treatments are completely customizable, from moderate volume and length to extreme glamour with a full set of lash extensions. Whatever your lash needs may be, our team at Anushka can help you achieve your dream look.

Traditional eyelash extensions are applied one at a time using special, hypoallergenic lash glues, affixed to existing, individual eyelashes. With proper care, eyelash extensions can last from several weeks to a month or more. And if you have any questions along the way, our lash technicians can answer them and discuss the best options for you.

How Anushka Approaches Beauty

When Anushka first opened over 50 years ago as a boutique cellulite clinic, we sought to help our clients achieve their goals with clinically proven treatments and the highest quality service possible.

Now, we’ve grown to become one of the most recognized med spas in the country as well as a leader in the beauty industry. However, our dedication to our clients and their goals are the reason for our exponential growth, and no matter how much Anushka continue to grow, that commitment will continue as long as Anushka does.

What to Expect

When you walk into Anushka, you’ll immediately be greeted by our concierge team, who will lead you to our in-house permanent makeup artist. They’ll chat with you and answer any questions to you may have, ensuring you are confident in your treatment before beginning.

We’ll make sure your face is completely clear of makeup and lotions before having you lay down for your lash appointment. Depending on which lash service you receive, your appointment could take anywhere between 1-3 hours. You’ll be able to relax during your appointment, and some clients even fall asleep. once your appointment is complete, your lash technician will provide you with any lash care instructions, and then schedule your next lash appointment.

Our Specials

If you want to save on your beauty treatments, then Anushka’s specials are for you. Our specials page is updated monthly to include treatments from our spa, salon, and wellness services, to encompass a well-rounded beauty experience that you can only find with Anushka. Whether you are hoping to enjoy familiar favorites, or try something new, our specials page has something to help you elevate your time with our team. Take a look at our specials page and find the perfect treatment for you.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Ellie is the best! The kindest human ever who does amazing work. I got a lash lift from
    her and it is the best one I have ever had. She is so talented! Ellie is the best!

    - Shannon Fennell

  • I love to go to Ellie for my eye lashes she do a beautiful job.

    - Julie Noble

  • Had a facial here and I love how pleasant the staff was. With any service you get access to a wonderful steam room and relaxation area where you can drink water and tea. They also had little cinnamon bites, raisins and pecans. One thing that I recommend they add to make the experience even great would be to add sparking water or fruit infused water! Overall such a rejuvenating experience and kind workers. Will be back!

    - Guti

  • I have been going to Anushka for years and I can’t say enough good words. Very knowledgeable staff and top-quality products. Always have a great special happening as well for services and perks. Complimentary valet parking is a bonus.

    - Chelsea T.

  • Love this place. Anjela for waxing – she’ll make you beach ready. And Liza makes my skin look like the skin I WISH I had been born with.

    - Allison H.

  • Best spa most beautiful and professional girls ..very luxurious atmosphere very welcoming staff. You are treated as a princess.

    - Amna Ali

About Anushka

Initially starting out as a cellulite clinic, Anushka opened in 1974 with the goal of creating exceptional beauty experiences based on the highest quality of service and expertise. So while our small but luxurious spa in New York’s Upper East Side only offered a handful of treatments, they were based on thorough research and clinical proof that they would deliver the results clients were looking for.

Now, 50 years later, Anushka is a 12,000 square foot med spa offering a wide range of treatments from our spa, salon, and wellness services. We’ve been hailed as a beauty mecca, and recognized as a leader in the beauty industry. But the one thing that has not changed about Anushka in our 5 decades of service is our goal of elevating our clients’ lives through their beauty experiences.

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Anushka Boutique

Ready to enhance your style after receiving your lash treatment? At our Anushka boutique, you can complete your look by choosing from any of our amazing clothing, accessories, or artwork. With established names as well as up-and-coming names in the fashion industry, you can elevate your style and experience the same high-end luxury as WEst Palm Beach’s elite.


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