Best Short Hair Styles For Any Season

As warmer weather approaches, are you finding that the option to lop off your long locks in favor of a style you’ll find more comfortable in a heatwave is tempting, but also pretty terrifying? We totally get it. You want to leap in with both feet and leave the salon with new, fresh short hair styles but you’re worried short hair just won’t work for you. Won’t not being able to tie it all up at the gym get old very quickly? Will you have pieces constantly falling into your eye line (meaning you’ll need to carry a thousand hair clips)? Will it work as well in winter as it does in summer?

You can relax. We’re going to answer all of these burning questions and more as we reveal all of the best short hairstyles that will work for you, no matter the season.

Trends of Short Haircuts for Girls For Any Season - short hair style

Trust us, when it comes to shorter cuts and styles, there are way more options out there than you think. Whether you’re looking for something super short and low maintenance or you’d rather leave enough length to play with for creating different up-do styles. We have a whole list of recommendations ready so you can choose the exact right style for you. 

The Short and Sweet Pixie

Made famous and utterly desirable by celebrities such as Emma Watson, Katie Perry, Kate Mara, and more, the short and sweet pixie is one of the best short hairstyles to go for when you’re looking for something undeniably chic and utterly transformative. 

Of course, this cut will be a very welcome change in the height of summer. Say goodbye to long hair sticking to your neck or falling into your face whilst you’re trying to work out on a hot day! This style will keep you cool and looks effortlessly elegant in the process. Thinking that, come winter, short hair is a bad idea? Let us tell you why it isn’t. 

Besides the fact this style looks amazing no matter the weather, your pixie cut will take minimal time to style. No getting out of the shower with your hair dripping down your back and taking hours to dry. With this super short ‘do, your locks can be dried and styled in no time. Also, just think of all those holiday parties you’ll have the chance to debut it at!

Short Cuts for Wavy Hair

When it comes to the best short hairstyles for ladies with wavy hair, our favorite has to be the classic bob. Though you’ll no doubt suit an even shorter cut too, a bob will allow the unique wave pattern of your locks to shine through. What’s more, opting for a style this length means you can leave it to dry naturally and wear it down, or you can clip pieces up to create a huge range of other styles. The half-up bun, a low ponytail, a braided up-do, a side-swept, clipped style, to name just a few.

If therefore you love versatile ways to style short hair as much as we do, a bob could be the perfect option for you and your beautiful waves. 

Modern Short Cuts

We’re always on the lookout for the latest trending hairstyles, shortcuts, and colors that’ll make our hair look new and exciting. Right now, these consist of shaggy 70’s style mullets, Parisian-inspired bobs (with or without bangs), asymmetrical blunt cut bobs/lobs, and shoulder-length cuts with loose beach waves. 

Every one of these styles is guaranteed to give you a sleek, modern edge, plus they’re easy to style making them all work perfectly from winter to spring. 

Vintage Bob Cut Hairstyles For Short Hair

From short brunette and black hair to short red hairstyles, short blond hairstyles, and more. One of our absolute favorite short hair ideas for anyone seeking out change is a vintage bob cut. This Insta-worthy style is undeniably chic and will instantly elevate your look. Leave it straight for an elegant touch in colder months, or amp things up with a few loose barrel curls in spring and summer!

This cut is also a great way to add volume to thin hair, and you even have the option to style it with bangs if you’re feeling particularly adventurous!

Cool and Creative Updo


With year-round events to attend, finding the perfect up-do hairstyles for short hair is essential. After all, your short haircut doesn’t need to mean you’re stuck with just one look. There are countless achievable hairstyles for short hair. Our favorite? A double French braided up-do! 

With your hair in a side part, simply braid the left, and then the right side of your hair toward the back and secure each in place with clear elastics. Then, gather the remaining hair into a bun and use bobby pins to hold it there. Go ahead and loosen the braid by gently pulling on each section to give a more laid-back (yet still red-carpet-worthy) finish. Pull a few loose pieces free at the front to frame your face!

Nice short hairdos like this are worth perfecting as they’ll work for you for everything from casual brunch dates to outdoor wedding ceremonies. What’s more, it’ll keep you cool in summer, and stop your hair from becoming frizzy or unmanageable during the winter. 

Cropped Feathered Cut for Girls

Looking for an edgy cut that’ll add tons of texture and volume to your tresses? A cropped, feather hair cut is a great choice for you. Not only will this style make your hair look fuller and more luscious, but it also works for every hair type from straight, to wavy, to curly! 

Air-dry this style in summer for a beachy aesthetic, or, blow dry it and add a few roller curls during colder spells for a sleek, manageable finish. 

short hair style

For those of us searching out shorter hair cuts because our hair is on the thinner side, a great hair care routine can really do wonders for the health and texture of our hair!

So, now that you’ve decided on which cut/style you’ll be opting for at your next salon appointment, let’s go ahead and talk through all of the ways you can care for your new chop.

Ways to take care your new hair style

  • Firstly, opt for a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. This will start you off with the best chance of creating a thicker, more voluminous finish when it comes to styling your hair. 
  • Speaking of conditioner, if you can, only use it every other time you wash your hair. Creating too much moisture in hair that’s already on the thinner side will only drag it down causing it to look lifeless. Instead, simply shampoo your hair with a clarifying formula for every other wash and forgo the conditioning treatment!
  • Next, once your hair is clean, avoid wrapping a towel around it to dry off. Instead, gently pat the hair with a clean dry towel. This will remove any excess moisture so it’s not dripping wet when you come to style it, but it won’t aggravate the hair or cause any breakage. An absolute no-no for those of us with thinner locks!
  • Moving onto further hair care products for short hair, we recommend including a volumizing mousse or spray to encourage further volume. Apply this before blow-drying for the best results!
  • Additionally, we always advise letting fine hair dry at least 50-75% of the way before blow drying or using heat tools. Going straight for the blow dryer will only serve to remove a great deal of moisture from the hair which can leave it feeling dry and fly away as opposed to silky and voluminous! Finish off with a texturizing spray for added shape and dimension! 


Now that you’ve likely decided on the best short hair style to see you right through from winter to spring, we hope you’re feeling more excited than ever to try something new! What’s more, you now have the knowledge to be able to take great care of your new look from day one. We can’t wait to welcome you here at Anushka Spa & Salon in West Palm Beach and help you finally create the short style of your dreams.