Best Summer Hair Styles for Women

Finally, summer has arrived! And, whilst we’re always more than happy to see the sunshine, after the past year, its presence right now feels especially poignant. 

We intend to make the absolute most of the world outside, safely greeting friends again, attending special events. Since we’re guessing you feel the same and can’t wait to get back out there in all your stylish glory. We’ve put together a list of Anushka-approved new summer hair styles for women during the season ahead. Keep scrolling to discover them all, alongside some handy how-to’s that’ll help you perfect each ‘do.

1. A Beautiful Braided Ponytail 

We’ll forever love this look! Not only is it seriously simple to create, it also works for a whole bunch of different settings. Whether you’re going on a lunch date, running errands, hitting the gym, or even heading to the office this super speedy style looks eternally chic and put together. Summer hair styles for women in 2021 don’t get more practical or pretty than this!

Get The Look:

  • Begin by making sure your hair is combed through and tangle-free. This will be incredibly helpful when it comes to creating the braid part.
  • Next, decide on the height you want. We love high braided ponytails for a fresh, fun look that keeps your hair up and away from your face. But this style totally works at a mid-height or even starting at the nape of your neck too.
  • Now, brush all of your hair upwards into a sleek high ponytail. If you’re keeping it low, choose between this or incorporating your regular parting. Whichever you decide, just be sure it’s nice and neat.
  • Once that’s done and you’ve secured your ponytail with a hair elastic. Go ahead and divide the ponytail into three sections
  • Take your time passing the left, then the right piece over the middle one until you reach the bottom
  • With an inch or two left undone, secure your braid with a matching hair elastic
  • Leave the style just like this for busy days and workouts, or feel free to loosen a few face-framing pieces at the front for a more laid-back look!

2. A Chic Top Knot Bun

Ah, the top knot bun. The answer to our hair styling prayers for pretty much any occasion. Wear it to the office in a slicked back, neatly secure fashion, or, style it loosely with face-framing pieces for off-duty days. No matter how you sport this look, you’re guaranteed to look eternally chic. Not to mention, it’s perfect for keeping your hair up and away from your face, neck, and shoulders in the height of a summer heatwave!

Get The Look:

  • Brush all of your hair into a high ponytail and secure it in place with an elastic
  • Then, split the hair in two allowing both sections to fall forward over your face
  • From here, take a second elastic. Place it over the one you already tied and include the tops of your two hair sections, tie it around them to create a mini bun. You should still have the majority of the length of both pieces hanging forward and loose
  • Now, take these sections both together and begin twisting them to one side, wrapping them around the mini bun as you go
  • Once you reach the ends, secure them in place with bobby pins, a third elastic, or tuck them into one of the first two you tied
  • Pull a few pieces loose at the front and you’re all set!

3. Laid Back Beach Waves

If there’s a more perfect summer hairstyle for long or layered hair do’s, we’ve definitely missed it! This is without a doubt one go-to hair styles for short hair women but of course, it works just as well for those with longer locks too! We can’t wait to share our simple techniques for creating them.

Get The Look:

  • Starting with clean dry hair, go ahead and divide your hair into four equal sections, or, up to eight if your hair is very long or on the thicker side
  • Braid each of these sections from top to bottom and secure each with a silk scrunchie at the bottom to prevent unsightly lines from forming
  • Spritz your braids with a few sprays of clean, lukewarm water then once that’s dried you can sleep on them overnight
  • In the morning, simply let your braids out and spritz on a little salt spray for a natural, textured finish. It really is as simple as that!

4. The Prettiest Half Up Hair With A Headband

From wedding guest looks to special weekend plans, we adore this half-up head band style! Plus, if you ask us, you can even make it work for regular days at the office or meeting up with friends. It’s all about the style of headband you choose! Opt for braided velvet or pearl/crystal embellished bands for special occasions, or, opt for more simple, elasticated cloth styles (or even headscarves) for a more casual finish.

Get The Look:

  • With your hair already straightened or curled, take two medium-sized sections of hair front the front (we recommend leaving your bangs loose and styled at the front if you have them, in this case just take the hair from right behind them)
  • From here you can either twist them or braid them to create some volume or simply pull them straight back if you want a sleeker style
  • Then, secure them at the back of your head a couple of inches away from the nape of your neck in the middle
  • Use either a plain barrette, a clear elastic, or a few discreet bobby pins to do this
  • Once this is done, simply add your headband of choice!
  • Leave it this way or feel free to pull a few decorative pieces loose at the front

5. A Relaxed Wavy Side Braid

Whether your hair is naturally wavy or you’ve plaited it to make it that way, this incredibly simple yet undeniably beautiful style will look amazing on you. It’s perfect for summer and one of our top recommended warm-weather long to medium hair styles for women.

  • Begin with your waves combed and fluffy, then use a little shine spray or serum to make them look their most lustrous!
  • Now, pull all of your hair to one side to its resting over your shoulder
  • starting at the nape of your neck, create a loose three-section braid, once you get a few inches from the end, stop and add a clear elastic
  • These loose ends will show off your waves to their full potential, plus, if a few pieces fall loose on the opposite side, don’t worry, it all adds to the look!

6. The Simple Yet Elegant Twisted Bun

Honestly, we wear this super chic hairstyle multiple times a week and who could blame us?! It couldn’t be simpler to create, works for pretty much any hair type, and requires just one hair elastic, what’s not to love?

  • Create a low ponytail secured in place with an elastic
  • Now, take your ponytail and twist it all the way down
  • Once it’s all twisted, hold the ends secure. Lift them up a little to allow the top part of your pony (the part near the elastic) to drop slightly from the weight
  • Then simply wrap the twist around your hairband, finishing by tucking those ends into its elastic!

We hope you’ve found multiple summer hair styles on our list that you love. Be feel even more excited to step into the sunshine in style this summer. Will you opt for a pretty half up-do or does an elegant low bun speak more to your style? Anushka Spa & Salon has a lot of choices that suit your style. Visit us!