9 Beautiful Hair Styles for Short Hair

Don’t get us wrong, we love short hair. From chic, straight, center-parted bob cuts and Parisian style locks with care-free bangs to lengthier lobs with beachy waves or glamorous, heat-styled curls. Short hair is beautiful in every form and, on the days when you can style it and then leave it all down, the world is your oyster. When it comes to producing specific hair styles for short hairs to stay out of your face and eyes, however, that’s where we run into some challenges. 

Well, sigh no more as we’re about to reveal all of the most beautiful (and fiercely practical) ways to style short hair alongside some short haircut ideas to inspire your next chop. What’s more, we’ve managed to include a wide range of styles so you can choose the ones that work for you based on your hair type!

Try These Amazing Short Hair Cuts

So you know you want to go shorter at your next hair appointment but you’re having trouble deciding which look is best for you, right? Keep reading to be inspired and don’t be afraid to try something bold, something new, and something that will make you feel amazing every time you look in the mirror! Here are some of our top recommended short hair cuts based on hair type.

A Casual, Tapered Layered Lob

Without question, this cut has to one of our absolute favorites for summer. It’s short enough that you can leave it all down and still feel relatively cool. Yet, you can produce plenty of different styles with the length which we’ll come to shortly!

This laid-back, breezy-looking lob is absolutely perfect for ladies with super thick hair who are trying to take a little of the weight out of their locks. That said, this really is a cut that can work for everyone. Even if your hair is on the thinner side, therefore, your stylist can certainly make it work for you by ensuring the layers add volume rather than taking it away.

A Center Parted Bob 

If you’re searching for literally the chicest short hair cut out there, look no further than the eternally sleek, center-parted bob. Though this style will work with waves or loose curls, we think its one-length style looks undeniable elegant worn poker straight. 

Perfect for ladies with fine or thin hair, this look will add volume to your locks whilst making them appear thicker too. It also looks beautiful at every age. 

If your hair is very thick or tends to frizz out when it’s shorter, this look is still an option though we’d recommend looking at more layered styles to accommodate your glorious volume!

A Chic Parisian Bob (Bangs Optional But Recommended!)

When it comes to short wavy hairstyles, we’d have hard time choosing one we love more than Parisian-style bob. That’s especially true if that bob comes complete with bangs, whispy, curtain, or full, we love them all!

The reason we love this particular cut for wavy hair so much is that it gives this adorable cropped style so much bounce, volume, and texture. Layers tend to flick out in all the right places and, surprisingly, leaving your bangs to do their thing is highly recommended to give this look an authentic, laid-back French-girl style we all know and love.

Finally, this cut will work for pretty much all hair types from thick to thin. Simply ask your stylist about how they can create very subtle layers to make sure your bob sits right. 

A Side Swept Pixie Cuts

From short jet black to short blond hairstyles, the side-swept pixie cut is a classic. Though we will admit it’s a bold move if you’ve always had long hair. You’llsurprised at just how fresh and renewed you feel after taking the plunge with this fun 50s/60s inspired chop. What’s more, if it’s good enough for Michelle Williams, Zoe Kravitz, and Scarlett Johansson, it’s good enough for us!

This look, like many of the others on our list looks great on women of all ages and hair types. It’s all about finding the right style for the thickness of your hair. Choppy tapered pixie cuts are perfect for thicker hair whilst choppier ones with side-swept bangs will add volume to thinner tresses. 

A Textured, Blunt Cut Lob

When it comes to most flattering round face, layered short hairstyles, a short textured lob is high on our list. We adore how young and fresh this haircut is as well as how versatile! 

Try this look with thin, normal, or thick hair, you’ll love the results no matter your hair type. Plus, it looks amazing when heat styled or left to air dry, and the added length from a bob. That means you can achieve a lot more styles if that’s something you’re interested in.

Beautiful Hair-Styles For Short Hair

Once you’ve braved the scissors and your new shorter haircut is complete, it’s time to get styling! Here are some of our favorite looks, plus, we’ve listed which length they’re most achievable for. 

A Single Braid

Perfect for bobs and lobs, this boho-Esque style takes seconds to create and looks instantly beautiful for summer. Simply separate out one section of your hair near the front, roughly an inch wide. Then, simply braid it straight down using the technique (french, fishtail, regular, etc) of your choice. 

A Sleek Low Ponytail

It goes without saying that those with pixie crops won’t be able to achieve this hairstyle. Well, not for a while at least. This look is, however, perfect for those with a lob cut. It’s also one of our favorite protective styles for short hair. They can work as protective styles for short natural hair.

Simply part your hair in the center making sure it’s precise by using a comb. Then, slick your locks back and towards the nape of your neck and secure them neatly in place. This versatile style also works perfectly from day to night.

The Half-Up Bun

Though you may not be able to get all of your hair into a high ponytail these days. You can still secure those locks up and away from your face with a half-up bun. It’s perfect for all hair types and works for both bobs and lobs, provided your layers aren’t super, super short.

To get the look, divide your desired section of hair from the top of your head. Then, use your fingers to brush the hair back or a comb if you want to be more precise! Once you have the hair up and back, simply twist it once or twice then wrap it around itself to create small bun shape. Secure with a clear elastic and you’re all set for brunch dates, running errands, and even exercising. That’s how pretty and versatile this style is!

Every person is looking for beautiful hair that gives confidence when going to events, at work, and even at home. Don’t limit yourself! Get a hairstyle for short hair that will complement your face, here at Anushka Spa & Salon can help. Visit us!