The Art of the Shadow Root

the art of shadow roots


Do you long for the days when the moment your roots started to show through you scrambled to get an appointment at the hair salon and have them colored as soon as humanly possible?! No, us neither! Thanks to the ever-changing trends of the hair and beauty industry, one of the most conveniently stylish hair looks we’ve ever known has become increasingly popular over the past few seasons and we’re think-ing (and hoping) it’s here to stay! Not since the dip dye has a hair coloring technique been so highly re-quested and we can certainly see why everyone’s loving the shadow root! Whether you’re looking to grow out an existing hair color or simply eyeing up the latest hair trend to sweep the industry, this multi-dimensional look may be just what you’ve been searching for!

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What Are Shadow Roots?

Now, it’s important to know that shadow roots can be created in two different ways before deciding which is right for you. The first option, you can grow your natural roots out to contrast and create shadow against freshly dyed hair. The second option means your colorist can, instead, use root coloring to make them darker and contrast your current hair color. Depending on the natural color of your hair, you can discuss the look you desire and your stylist will suggest the best approach for your dream shadow root look!

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Are Shadow Roots Right For Me?

If you’re someone that loves to keep up with the latest hair trends, go for something a little different and rock a multidimensional color, shadow roots could not be more perfect for you! If you’re wondering whether it will be possible with your current hair color or length, a quick chat with any of our experienced colorists at the Anushka Spa & Salon, west palm beach will answer all questions you have! That being said, this particular technique will work all different types of hair so it’s really all about finding the right shades and custom elements that need to be included in the dying process to make it work best for you and the overall look that you want.

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What Are The Benefits Of Shadow Roots?

Aside from the fact that this color technique looks and feels incredibly modern and chic, having shadow roots is beneficial in many other ways you may not even have thought of yet! Let us fill you in…

  • If you’re currently rocking one solid color and want to mix things up, shadow roots will not only add depth and dimension overall, they’ll also make your current color look fresher and brighter thanks to the contrast of darker roots!
  • If you’re looking for a style that means minimal trips to the salon and money saved in between, this look is for you! You can achieve it by simply deciding to grow out your roots or asking your stylist to dye them in for you. No need to panic about regrowth for a few months at least!
  • No matter the length of your hair, this is a technique that will work for you, unlike dip dyeing or balayage which can sometimes be trickier to accomplish with much shorter locks!
  • Getting back to your natural color is something many of us dream of for years but just can’t bring our-selves to let the roots show! Now that nightmare has become a stylish dye technique there’s no need for concern. Let your natural strands shine through and enjoy them knowing you’ll finally have your hair back to its natural hue in the not too distant future!

Are Shadow Roots Only For Blondes?

You’ll be very glad to know that this stunning color technique is not solely reserved for those with sun-kissed tresses. As long as your hair is died a shade lighter than your natural root color or you’re willing to have your roots dyed darker than your permanent hair color, you’ll be rocking shadow roots in no time! This means, even those with black hair can achieve this look by maintaining their black roots and lighten-ing the rest of the hair. If you do have hair that’s died blond or is naturally so, the L’Oreal Professionnel Blondifier mask is highly recommended to make the most of your new color! Whether it’s full color or highlighted sections of hair that you have, the Blondifier Mask will replenish, smooth and nourish your strands to enhance the shine and smooth out your strands.

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What Types/Colors of Shadow Root Are There?

As with all hair coloring techniques, the possibilities in terms of color combinations are practically endless! Though the contrast is, of course, more prominent for those with blonde hair, regardless of the base color you’re currently working with, your hair colorist will usually still be able to create this multi-dimensional look for you. So, whether you have blonde hair, brown hair, red hair or even grey hair, shadow roots could be the contemporary look you’ve been searching for!

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How Should I Care For My Hair After Coloring?

As with any new color, a shadow root treatment needs to be properly conditioned and taken care of to prevent fading or breakage. The most effective way to do this, and make sure your hair care routine is giv-ing your locks the best, is with a deeply nourishing shampoo & conditioner routine. Though hair color gradually fades over time, ensuring the hair care products you choose are designed for colored hair should help to effectively prevent this for as long as possible. For anybody with newly dyed shadow roots, we highly recommend the Vitamino Color A-OX shampoo and Vitamino Color A-OX conditioner by L’Oreal Professionnel Paris. These products are absolutely perfect for color-treated hair and will provide color protection, UV protection, and enhanced shine!