The Benefits of Thread Lifts

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What Is A Thread Lift?

We have all been there, watching ourselves aging right before our eyes, but it’s not easy to wrap your head around the idea of getting a surgical face lift. Thread lifts give you all the benefits of bringing back the tight, youthful face and neck that you once had without all the hassle of surgery. At Anushka Spa, Salon & Cosmedical Centre, we wanted to find the least invasive way to bring back the skin of your youth. That is why we now offer PDO Thread Lifts.

The most visible signs of aging occur around our face and necks. Our facial structure is made up of fat that is supported by the elasticity of the skin and your bone structure. As we age, we being to lose the plump facial fat and bone density we once had. The loss of fat and bone density leads to weakening skin resulting in sagging around the eyes, cheeks, eyebrows, jowls and of course our necks. Fortunately, our clients at Anushka Spa, Salon & Cosmedical Centre can age more gracefully with PDO Thread Lifts.

Dr. Bonnie Marting at Anushka’s Cosmedical Centre offers a non-surgical facelift, called a PDO Thread Lift. Thread Lifts are a minimally invasive technique used to correct facial drooping by creating an instant lift to tighten loose skin around the face and neck line. Thread Lifts are an excellent way for our clients to delay extensive surgical procedures.

So, before you assume surgery is your only option, Dr. Marting D.N.P., A.N.R.P., is sharing everything you need to know about this safe and noninvasive procedure that changes the way we treat sagging, aging skin.

Before Thread Lift

A old woman image before trying thread lifts

After Thread Lift

A old woman picture after trying thread lifts

Who Is A Good Candidate For PDO Thread Lift?​

Anushka Cosmedical Centre’s PDO Thread Lift procedure can benefit individuals looking to avoid surgical procedures while at the same time wanting to delay the aging process of their face and neck.
Overall the PDO Thread Lift procedure is great for anyone who wants to improve the texture and turgor of any loose skin around the face, including the neck area. PDO Thread Lifts are especially effective for our patients who have mild to moderate jowling of the lower face. The procedure is also effective for patients who would like to improve frown wrinkles on the cheeks.
Take a look at some of our before & after, these ladies came in with the same problem and left with gorgeous, long locks that they love!
before and after of a lip and chin thread lift

How Does The Thread Lift Procedure Work?

The PDO Thread Lift technique uses Novathreads, which are absorbable threads made of polydioxanone (PDO). Novathreads are 100 percent dissolvable and have been used in a multitude of surgical specialties for the last 50 years. These specialties range from cardiovascular surgery, thoracic surgery, gynecological surgery as well as plastic surgery.
Anushka’s Cosmedical Centre uses PDO Threads to tighten the skin by creating an inflammatory response, causing the production of new collagen. The inflammatory response thriggered by the threads can also cause fibrosis, which tightens the tissue. The threads come in different thickness and lengths. Dr. Bonnie Marting D.N.P., A.N.R.P., helps you choose right size threads depending on what type of improvement you would like to have. When the threads are placed properly, patients will see an instantaneous lift of the loose facial skin, and an overall improvement of the turgor and quality of the skin tissue.

Which Areas Of The Body Can Be Treated With PDO Threads?

Both body and facial skin can be treated with PDO threads. When PDO Threads are used on the face, they can enhance the lips by recreating the border of the lips. It can be used to lift the eyes, cheeks and loose jowl skin, tighten the neck and can even improve wrinkles around the eyes. These threads also can be used to accentuate the eyebrow arch. Dr. Bonnie can also insert threads around the nasolabial folds to naturally fill the depression.
woman's checks after a thread lift
before and after of a chin thread lift

Restoring the V-Shape To The Face

A beautiful and healthy face has a natural “V-shape”. Due to age and gravity the beautiful “V-shape” can be diminished or inverted. Properly placed PDO threads work to support the tissues and keep them in the “V-shape” or, where necessary, delicately lift the tissues and reposition the skin to recreate the “V-shape” where it has been lost.

How Is The PDO Thread Lift Procedure Performed?

Prior to beginning the PDO Thread Lift procedure, a topical anesthetic cream is applied to the patient’s skin for 30 minutes. The procedure area is then cleansed with alcohol for anesthetic purposes. Dr. Marting then injects a small amount of lidocaine into the skin to numb the area where the PDO Thread will be inserted. The thread is then inserted just underneath the skin’s surface and is anchored into the tissue to lift and tighten the skin. Any excess thread is then trimmed off. The entire procedure takes approximately 45 minutes, depending on the number of threads used.

before and after of a woman's thread lift session

What Is The Recovery Like?

Recovery from this minimally invasive procedure is both short and simple. Patients may experience some swelling and bruising for a few days following the procedure. Patients may continue daily activities immediately after treatment but should avoid vigorous exercise for one week and facial massages for at least two weeks. Dr. Marting at Anushka Spa & Cosmedical Centre suggests her patients sleep on their backs the first four to five days following treatment.

The Benefits of PDO Thread Lifts

Not sold on PDO Thread Lifts yet? Here are more benefits of undergoing a PDO Thread Lift procedure at Anushka Spa & Cosmedical Centre.

1. Address Different Concerns & Patient Needs

Dr. Bonnie Marting D.N.P., A.N.R.P., provides PDO threads in different sizes to address different concerns to accommodate the needs of each and every patient.
To address the ideal of restoring volume and rejuvenating the skin along the chin and cheeks, Dr. Bonnie will use think mono threads.
There are also stronger and thicker bi-directional cog threads which are best suited for lifting sagging cheeks, neck and jowls.

2. Safe & Gradually Absorbed By The Body

Facial rejuvenation using PDO Threads are safe and do not produce allergic reactions. This K_FDA and CE cleared absorbable material has been used for over 50 years for closing wounds in a multitude of surgical areas.
The PDO Threads completely dissolve in the body between 6-12 months. The threads are metabolized in mater and carbon dioxide which is naturally absorbed by the skin.

3. Keep Your Skin Looking Plump & Youthful

Studies suggest that the use of PDO Threads help to produce the production of new collagen in the skin which enhances the skin’s elasticity as well as improving the appearance of folds and wrinkles around the skin and neck.

PDO Threads also stimulate the elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin. Both of which are essential in achieving the youthful, rejuvenated quality of the skin.

4. Immediate Lifted Appearance Following The Procedure

Patients at Anushka Cosmedical Centre usually see a noticeable tightening and lifting effect immediately after the PDO Thread Lift procedure. Keep in mind, however, that the finalized results will be seen after two to three months as the new collagen stimulation begins.

It takes about 6 months for the PDO threads to begin fully dissolving but the results can last for approximately two years as long as the collagen of your skin holds the lift.

5. Can Be Combined With Other Anti-Aging Procedures

At Anushka Spa & Cosmedical Centre in West Palm Beach, Florida, the PDO Thread Lift can be combined with dermal fillers to address both saggy skin and volume loss due to the aging process.
This creates a complete approach in fighting the signs of aging by enhancing as well as improving the appearance of sunken cheeks and droopy eyebrows. Other anti-aging procedures can also be used to treat sagging jowls and neck areas.

Going under the knife is no longer the only effective way to lift and rejuvenate saggy skin. Thanks to Dr. Bonnie Marting D.N.P., A.N.R.P at Anushka Spa & Salon, you can now achieve a tighter, more youthful look immediately with little to no downtime.

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