The Perfect Cut: Why We’ll Always Love The Lob

Many hair cuts come and go but some are just so perfect, they steal a piece of your heart and never let go. One such hair cut? The lob. There are so many reasons why we adore this style from its eternally-chic finish to the many practicalities of its length. We always end up coming back to it, and, we’re betting you do too. If you’re a long term fan of the lob or you just want to know what all the fuss is about, read on. We can bet you’ll be making a salon appointment before you’ve scrolled to the end!

A pretty girl with short blonded hair

You Can Have ‘Short Hair’ Without Having Short Hair

We, and we’re sure you, have lost count of the times we’ve craved a drastic hair change. At times, the temptation to reach for the scissors and lop off our locks has been real! Luckily, we’ve so far avoided such a catastrophe and always book in with a stylist. However, by the time we reach the chair, we totally lose our nerve. The itch for a bob subsides and we end up with our usual style and length for the hundredth time!

If this sounds like a tale as old as time for you, the Lob is just what you’ve been waiting for. One of the many reasons we adore this cut is its ability to make us feel like we have short hair. In truth, whilst your hair is on the shorter side, you’ve still plenty of length to play with. So, next time you’re feeling less brave than you did when you made the appointment, ask for a lob. You’ll feel instantly lighter but can still achieve many of your previous hairstyles. Nothing scary about that!

You Can Grow Out Bob Hair Cuts

If you hadn’t already guessed, Lob, is of course, short for ‘long bob’. That means good news for those who’ve recently gotten a bob haircut. If you no longer care for your shorter locks, growing them out will be a super-stylish transition. Unlike other cuts that go through that awkward, in-between phase, your tresses will remain in style! Simply let them grow out and book in with your stylist for regular trims to keep things fresh.

It’s A Celebrity Favorite

Now, we’re not suggesting that just because a celebrity does something you should do it too. What we are saying is, celebrities employ some of the world’s most accomplished hair stylists. Therefore, you can bet they know a thing or two about chic haircuts. And, quite honestly, if it’s good enough for Selena Gomez and Lucy Hale, it’s usually good enough for us!

It’s Universally Flattering

The success of some haircuts really depends on your face shape, height, hair type, etc. The lob, however, is universally flattering. Honestly, we can’t think of a single soul that wouldn’t suit this hair cut. Even those with thick hair can ask their stylist to chop into their locks. This will result in less weight throughout the hair making their lob look amazing. 

Equally, those with thinner hair also suit the lob. Why? Shorter hair cuts are always great for finer tresses. They trick the eye into thinking the hair is thicker than it is as no whispy strands are being weighted down by excessive length! So, whether you’re currently rocking medium-length or long hair and fancy a change, just ask your stylist. They’ll be able to come up with the perfect lob look for you!

thinner hair lob

It’s An Un-Scary Way To Mix Things Up

Those with tresses at mid-lengths, or even shoulder lengths, can often be fearful of going too short. After all, when you’re used to feeling long strands as you wash or brush, a dramatic cut can feel unnerving. Luckily, this won’t happen with the lob! Though the look of your hair will appear much fresher and shorter, it won’t feel it. Of course, you’ll notice a slight change in the length but ponytails remain possible! Even braids and a half up do’s are still on the cards for you.

It’s A Versatile Cut

Unlike some other cuts, there is no singular lob cut. That’s right, you can opt for the exact length lob you wish for. Whether it’s just a little longer than a bob or almost at shoulder length. Your lob can be specifically tailored to you. Simply speak with your stylist before cutting begins and explain what you’d like. This unending versatility is just another reason why we love this eternally pretty hair cut!

It’s Chic And A Dream To Style

Of every hair cut out there, the lob haircut has to be the dreamiest to style. Whether you like to air dry your hair or blow dry it, you’re in for a treat!

Additionally, due to its in-between length, styling is less time-consuming. How? Unlike a bob haircut that has a very specific edge, styling your lob needn’t be so precise. Additionally, unlike super-long locks, you don’t have so much length to contend with whilst styling.

For air drying, we suggest a small amount of texturizing spray. The Thickening Dryspun Texture Spray by Bumble And Bumble especially. This will give your lob a lift whilst allowing the natural qualities of your hair to shine through. 

For blow-drying and heat styling we suggest a hair protection gel. The Extentioniste Thermique blow dry primer by Kerastase will prime your locks ready for the heat. It’ll also leave them feeling super healthy with 90% less breakage and will seal split ends. From here, style your preferred parting and your curling iron can do the rest. Side parted hair and a few loose curls (created in minutes) look spectacular with a lob cut. You’ll honestly wonder how you ever chose any other style! Visit Anushka Spa & Salon today