The Rachel Is Making A Comeback!

If you can believe it (because we can’t), Friends first aired 26 years ago and wrapped up filming 16 years ago this year! That’s right, in May of 2004, the final episode aired as we begrudging bid farewell to our beloved screens pals. 

Since then, a lot has changed. Smartphones replaced flip phones, video cassettes and DVD’s became almost obsolete, and we all came to realize it’s just not practical to hold down ajob and spend hours hanging out in a coffee shop every day. 

One thing that didn’t change, however? Our eternal love of Rachel Green’s hair. Every style she rocked (yes even when she shocked us all with that chic bob haircut), we still adore to this day. And, if you feel the same, you’ll be seriously pleased to learn that ‘The Rachel’ is making a comeback! That’s right, arguably one of the most iconic TV hairstyles of all time has made an epic return and we couldn’t be happier about it!

What is ‘The Rachel’?

For those unsure which of Ms. Green’s hairstyles we’re referring to, treat yourself to some episodes from season one (1995). We saw it debut for the first time in, ‘The One With The Evil Orthodontist’. Gone was Jeniffer Aniston’s naturally wavy hair! In its place, Rachel Green’s shoulder-length creation by stylist Chris McMillan, that consisted of choppy, face-framing layers, glorious honey-blond highlights, and plenty of all-over volume! 

This soon to be iconic chop was in demand almost overnight as women the world over began booking salon appointments asking for, ‘The Rachel’. Fast forward to 2020 and it seems we’re in for another round. This time, even celebrity style stars such as Jeniffer Lopez and Chrissy Teigen are in on it!

A new hair style for girls

Is ‘The Rachel’ For You?

Now, if you’re wondering whether or not this hair cut is for you, it’ll depend on the length of your hair and its natural state. If your hair is very very curly, the Rachel may not be the easiest to upkeep. The reason being that the majority of this style requires straight strands. Should they become curly, you’ll find the look goes rather awry!

Equally, if your hair is very short, you might want to wait until it grows a little. The layers for this hairstyle are pretty intense so you’ll want to ensure they’re able to hit your face in all of the right places!

Now, whether your hair is thick or thin, as long as it’s long enough and fairly easy to style with heat tools, you may be onto a winner! Those with fine hair will notice that choppy short hairstyles like this make their hair look thicker. Meanwhile, those with long hair will feel instantly lighter and bouncier, not to mention, iconic!

‘The Rachel’ Hair Color

Just because you’ve decided to opt for this iconic hairstyle doesn’t mean you have to have the color too. That said, if you really want to embrace that gorgeous 90’s vibe, we suggest it!

Now, we don’t mean you need to go in with super harsh blond highlights circa 1994. No, no. Simply discuss it with your stylist and ask for subtler sunkissed tones that lift your new do with a contemporary edge! Those with light brown hair will find it adds a softness that works perfectly with the bouncy nature of this look. Blondes may wish to tone down brighter shades to make sure the haircut looks lived in and natural. 

Styling ‘The Rachel’

Now, as you might imagine from the volume of layers and, well, volume, ‘The Rachel’ needs a fair amount of styling to get it looking just right. That said, if you’ve always wanted to try it out, we say it’s totally worth it to make it work. 

Start by making sure your hair is clean and conditioned with the right products. We recommend the Discipline AntiFrizz deep treatment haircare set by Kerastase of Anushka Spa & Salon to ensure a sleek, smooth finish with zero dryness!

Next, once your hair is gently brushed through from tips to roost, you’ll want to reach for the blow dryer. Spritz your tresses all over with the Royal Blowout heat styling spray by Oribe before you begin. Then, start with the dryer on its lowest heat setting and partially dry the hair all over. Make sure not to dry it so much that you won’t be able to add shape. 

Now, find a round brush that works for the thickness of your hair. We highly recommend the large round brush by Oribe for larger sections, and the medium size for smaller sections near the top and around your face. 

Hold the dryer over and slightly away from the brush, curling the hair around the through the bristles as you go. This will give each section that distinctive Rachel bounce and volume. Finally, be sure to create flicks that curve towards your face and nape of your neck at the top, and flicks that go outwards for the bottom layers. If you feel it needs a little extra volume in the back, try a quick spritz of dry shampoo and tease it with your fingers. 

And, you’re done! We really won’t blame you for donning a skater skirt and tucking in a denim vest if this look inspired you to do so. We draw the line at coffee shop aprons, however!