Best Hairstyles For Thin Hair To Appear Thicker

Whether your hair has always been on the thin side or it’s simply become that way over time, coming across styles that help it to look thicker is always a welcome discovery! Luckily for you, we found a whole list of haircuts and hairstyles for thin hair that will do just that. Keep scrolling to discover our top recommendations and get styling your hair to find your favorites…

The Cuts

As a rule of thumb, shorter cuts will always help fine/thin hair look thicker and more voluminous. That doesn’t mean you should rule longer styles out altogether, however. Here are some of our favorites to cater for both!

A Blunt Cut Bob

Where feathery Layers can cause the hair to look thin and fly away, blunt-cut bobs give the ends of the hair definition and therefore look much thicker. For that reason, we’ll always love a blunt-cut bob for ladies with fine hair. It’s also an incredibly chic cut that looks stunning for workdays, and simultaneously cute on the weekend. What’s more, it frames the face perfectly and will accentuate your jawline depending on just how short you dare to go!

The Lob

When it comes to low-maintenance short hairstyles, you can never go wrong with the lob. It’s an eternally elegant cut that’s perfect for those with fine hair as it makes it look thicker. Meanwhile, if you really can’t decide between shorter hair or a longer style this is the best of both worlds. It’s short enough that you can style it quickly after showering or leave it to air dry quickly when you just don’t have the time. It’s also long enough for those who love to wear their hair in certain styles to have enough length to play with. You can even get it into a chic low ponytail for gym days or weekends spent running errands!

Medium Length Hair With Choppy Layers

If you’re sticking with longer hair even though it’s on the finer side, we totally get it. The beauty is, you can still make it appear thicker by simply asking your stylist for the right cut. Request dramatic, choppy, face-framing layers that accentuate the volume of the hair in place of wispy ones that can often look a little ‘feathery’ when the hair is on the finer side. 

Simple Hair Styles For Fine Hair

If you’re not looking for a cut but would like to style your hair in a way that makes it appear thicker than it is, keep on scrolling…

Low Ponytail

One of our favorite short hairstyles for thin hair is a classic low ponytail. Most of the time, thin hairstyles work best because they keep all of the hair together in one place. You can see it all at once instead of spreading it out which can make it look even thinner. This is why low ponytails with a little lift work so well for fine/thin hair.

How To

  • Start with clean dry hair, and add a little sry shampoo to the roots. Rub it in with your fingertips to create a little added volume. This will make the final look all the more polished and pretty!
  • Once this is done and your roots are volumized, use a comb to gently make sure your parting is straight to give your ponytail a polished-looking finish.
  • Next, use your fingers to gently pull back all the hair towards the nape of your neck.
  • Secure it in place with a clear elastic and pull it just tight enough so the ponytail lifts up and away from your neck
  • This will add volume and bounce so your ponytail can be seen rather than it lying flat against your neck

A Simple Side Parting With A Decorative Slide

Remember how we said most thin hairstyles that make your hair look thicker work because the hair is kept all in one place? That’s the exact idea behind this chic style that takes literally seconds to create!

How To

  • If you have a center parting, go ahead and flip your hair into a casual, deep side part using your fingers. If your hair is usually in a center part, try parting it on the other side for this one to get a little more lift within your roots.
  • Next, on the side with less hair, go ahead and tuck that section behind your ear
  • Finally, secure it in place with a decorative slide, and you’re all set!

French Braids

Now for the surprise style! If you have fine hair, we can bet you’ve always thought french braids were out of the question for you. Well, guess what? That’s just not true! Yes, there is certainly a technique to making your thin hair look more voluminous with this style, but once you know it, you’ll never want to take them out!

How To

  • First, be sure to prep your hair by washing and conditioning it with formulas made to thicken and moisturize fine hair. This will give you a great base to get started with.
  • Next, go ahead and spritz in a little styling spray, this will not only hold finer hair in place, but it’ll also give it a little volume boost at the root too!
  • Now, go ahead and braid your hair as you usually would but be sure not to pull them too tight, this is where fine hair can start to look very thin. Once your braids are done, secure them with a clear elastic.
  • Finally, starting from the top of your braid near the hairline, go ahead and start to tease out the braids to the side. Use your fingertips only, gently pulling on each ‘loop’ until it fans out and appears/lays thicker and flatter against your head. Do this all the way down the braid and, voilà! Instantly thicker braids that look and feel fantastic!

Will you brave a whole new haircut at your next salon appointment? Or does create one of these simple at-home styles get you excited to celebrate your fine hair? Whichever you choose, Anushka Spa & Salon knows you’re going to look stunning!