These Are The Best 3 Dry Shampoos To Get The Most Out Of Your Blowout

We all know just how amazing our hair feels when it’s freshly washed and blow-dried, there’s truly nothing like it! Perhaps you’ve treated yourself to a well-deserved hair styling treatment at the Anushka Spa & Salon or maybe you’ve learned ho to blow out your hair at home. Either way, it’s a fact that none of us enjoy the feeling of our glorious blow out losing volume and gaining greasy roots! Well, no need to panic the next time that happens. We’ve compiled our top three recommended dry shampoos from some of the indus-try’s most incredible brands so you know which product to reach for the next time your blow out starts to feel a little flat!

The girl trying dry shampoos

How Dry Shampoo Benefits Your Hair & Your Blow Out

Not only are dry shampoos one of the best products for absorbing oil build-up, they’re also a great way to give yourself and your strands a break from washing your hair every other day! As we all know, washing your hair continuously and subjecting it to constant damage from heat styling and blow-drying is never recommended in terms of hair health. So, next time you think about washing your hair for the fourth time this week, try using a good quality dry shampoo instead! It’ll get rid of that oily feeling whilst preserving that gorgeous style you worked so hard to get! How? Dry shampoo will soak up the oil in your hair and give it a fresh feeling and scent whilst also adding volume to your roots. This replicates the volume you had when your blow out was first done and means you can keep that ‘just left the salon’ feeling for longer!

Now, many of us are living proof that some, not all, but some lower-priced dry shampoos leave an undesirable and clearly visible trace of their powdery formulas in our roots. It’s for that reason that we here in West Palm Beach have familiarized ourselves with luxurious, salon-quality dry shampoo products. Only those that we know work wonders and leave no visible residue in our tresses have made it into our top three!

Salon Quality Products We Recommend

Now, when it comes to dry shampoo, we only want the best for those glorious strands of yours! Powdery residue, white patches, and flakes are an absolute no-no and we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Preserving a blow-out that you just can’t stop swishing is important business so making sure the dry shampoo you use is up to the task, is a must!

Keratase Paris refreshing dry shampoo


You can always count on Kerastase products to get your hair in pristine condition and their Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo is no different! As you may have guessed from the name, this incredible formula is eternally refreshing and is suitable for all hair types! It also has a gentle fragrance which is perfect for a refresh and not too overpowering. Simply spray it onto your roots and it’ll instantly absorb the excess oil building up on your scalp and in your hair. Additionally, these results will last for at least 24 hours so once it’s done you’ll not have to think about it for another whole day! What we also love about this product is that it’s wonderfully lightweight. That means when you spray it on, you’ll never feel like your hair, or your blow out, are being weighed down. In fact, it’s totally the opposite as it’ll work to lift and define your roots adding extra volume that’s been lost over time. This is true even for those with fine hair. If you’re worried about time in the mornings, you’re running late for work or you simply notice your hair’s looking a little lifeless whilst you’re out and about, this product can be easily applied wherever you are for an instant refresh! Simply pop it into your handbag, gives those roots a quick spritz, and you’re good to go!

Those with hair on the drier side will also be glad to know that this particular dry shampoo contains vitamin E! This super ingredient will act as a deep moisturizer whilst reducing hair breakage. 

Oribe dry shampoo


Looking for a product that’s as brilliant as it is beautiful? Look no further than the Gold Lust Dry Shampoo by Oribe! This gorgeous dry shampoo is specially designed to make your hair feel instantly clean and to extend the life of your blow out. Similarly to the Kerastase Fresh Affair, Oribes offering also effectively absorbs excess oil along with product build-up and other unwanted impurities. It has a translucent powder formula so no nasty white streaks in your strands, plus, it’ll soothe your scalp and restore that smooth and soft, post-blowout feel to your hair. If all of this wasn’t enough, the Gold Lust dry shampoo also uses a fragrance-retention technology meaning you’ll get to enjoy its dreamy scent long after it was originally applied!


There’ll be no need to make time for a water wash with the Hair Refresher by Davine! This amazing, lightweight cleansing spray will purify your hair, absorb excess sebum, and add instant volume with just a few sprays. Once you’ve separated your hair at the root and sprayed it on from a short distance (roughly 20cm) leave it to work for one minute, then brush the hair through. You’ll be left with a freshly cleaned feeling, a glorious boost of volume, and a lot more time on your hands for showing off your sensational blowout!