Trend Alert: Faux Freckles, Learn How To Create Yours At Home!

Once upon a time, the beauty industry did not see freckles as the stylish asset that they are today. In fact, it’s only in very recent years that freckles have become one of the beauty worlds most sought after looks! And, with stunning celebrities such as Olivia Munn, Julianne Hough, and Zoe Kravits showing theirs off in all of their glory, it’s really no wonder we all want them too! 

So, perhaps you’ve always wanted freckles but they don’t come naturally to you. Or, maybe you have them but sensibly wish to forgo possible sun damage in order to bring them out. Either way, we have you covered. Faux freckles are huge right now meaning there’s plenty of simple and safe ways you can create them at home. Keep scrolling and discover our top tips for achieving the freckles of your dreams…

A girl with faux frenckles

Is It Safe To Create Faux Freckles?

As with any trend that requires applying product to your skin, caution is always advised. The products we’ll mention here are either specifically designed to create faux freckles, or are safe to do so. That said every person is different. We all have varying skin types meaning we all react to things differently. Therefore, before creating your faux freckles, always carry out a patch test. That way you can be sure the product is safe for you specifically to use. This is especially advisable since we are talking about the skin on our faces which is one of the most delicate skin areas. 

Prepping Your Skin For Faux Freckles

As we’re creating our freckles instead of them appearing naturally, we need to prep our skin. Fake freckles will always look best and more convincing when your skin is at its smoothest and healthiest! Therefore, alongside a proper morning and night routine, you’ll want to apply essential oils. This will leave you with soft supple skin that provides the perfect base for your faux freckles. We recommend jojoba oil for its healing properties as well as its cleansing and moisturizing benefits. The vegan Organic Jojoba Oil 02 by Face Theory is highly recommended. Not only is it cruelty-free but it will also balance and hydrate your skin. Not to mention it’ll help shield against UV damage!

A woman creating faux frenckles with henna

Creating Faux Freckles With Henna

Now, when it comes to using henna for faux freckles, not just any henna will do. Henna hair dyes, for example, are made only for hair and should absolutely not be put anywhere near your delicate face skin!

So which henna is right? The best form of henna to use on your face is an organic brand. Brown henna with no chemicals added will always be kindest to your complexion. This will also ensure that your freckles look real thanks to their natural coloring. 

To apply your henna, we recommend investing in a good stipple sponge applicator. This will quickly mimic the natural pattern of freckles for you making application quick and easy!

Creating Faux Freckles With Eyeliner

Want to know our favorite eyeliner/freckle pencil for faux freckle creation? Its Makeup Factory’s intensely pigmented, Smoky Liner Waterproof & Long Lasting Pencil Classic in the shade Brown No. 2. It’s as amazing for creating the perfect cat eyes and enhanced lash lines as it is for fake freckles! Meanwhile, this color suits an array of complexions for realistic and versatile color. 

Speaking of color, you’ll want to be mindful of how you create your freckles in that sense. Few people have natural freckles all in one shade after all. Therefore, it’s always best, where you can, to vary the shades of yours. Choose between reddish-brown, light brown, and dark brown depending on your complexion and hair color. You may even find you have those varying eye pencil shades already in your makeup bag! If not, we also recommend Urban Decay liners for professional, makeup artists finish!

Creating Faux Freckles With Specially Designed Products

Aside from henna and eyeliner, there are, of course, products specifically designed for faux freckle creation. The Barry M Freckle Tint comes in light/medium and medium/dark. Use just one for a few sporadic freckles, or use both to create a more natural, multi-dimensional look!

If you want to invest in a product that’s been around for some time, opt for Freck OG by Freck Beauty. As you may have guessed from the name, this was the world’s first specifically designed freckle cosmetic!

How Long Will Faux Freckles Last?

How long your freckles last depends on the product you used to create them. It also varies slightly from person to person as with regular makeup products. Some of us get all-day wear whilst others require frequent re-application!

That said, certain products will always last longer than others. Eyeliners are unlikely to last longer than a day. Additionally, these products aren’t supposed to stay on your face overnight. Therefore you should always make the effort to clean them away before going to bed. This will avoid unwanted pimples and smudges on your pillow!

When it comes to henna freckles, these can last up to a week, sometimes longer. The best way to keep yours looking fresh is to moisturize regularly! Visit Anushka Spa & Salon today.