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Trend Watch: Honey Blond Hair Is The Sweetest Hair Color Ever!

As we all know, there are literally hundreds of blond hair colors available to us these days. This means when the time comes to color your hair, it can feel almost impossible to decide which is the right shade for you. That is, until now! We’re about to reveal the most beautiful shade of blond you’ve seen to date. What’s more, unlike some other shades, this one suits pretty much everyone and most skin tones. Move over platinum locks and icy toned tresses, we’re all about Honey blond color right now!

What Is Honey Blond Hair?

As you may well have guessed from the name, honey blond hair is a gorgeous blend of creamy beige and copper tones all mixing together. These create a blond shade with tones that resemble honey, giving your hair incredible depth and warmth. It’s a stunning multi-dimensional color that’s perfect for those wanting blond hair that isn’t overly light.

If you’re trying to picture the shade for yourself, there are multiple celebrities you can look up who’ve been rocking this irresistible shade for years! Blake Lively has worn honey blond throughout her cascading, fairytale length locks forever. Other famous faces loving honey blond just as much as we do include Jessica Alba, Beyoncé, Olivia Palermo, and Gigi Hadid. 

Can Anybody Have Honey Blond Hair?

In theory, yes, everyone can achieve honey blond hair. That said if your hair is currently black, white, or grey (naturally or dyed) for example, achieving the honey blond results of your dreams may take a fair amount of work. It’s best to discuss this with your colorist before making an appointment and simply turning up on the day. Your hair may need to be lightened a fair amount first before honey blond will work for you.

Those with already blond hair (natural or dyed) will find it much easier to go straight to honey blond. Your lighter shade will work as the ideal base to take on a creamy mix of warm, light honey, and light brown color tones.

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What Time Of Year Should I Go For A Honey Blond Color?

One of the best things about honey blond hair color? It works perfectly at literally any time of the year! From sunshine to snow, it has the versatility to look beautiful no matter the weather.

Why? Thanks to its sumptuous blend of sweet honey tones, creamy blond, and warm light brown, this shade adapts to every season. In the summertime, you’re already blond and with any luck, your locks will look even shinier and more dazzling in the sunlight! 

When the fall hair color season rolls around, those warm brown tones and hints of copper will be more apparent, giving your hair a subtly warm and luxurious finish that looks so beautiful with the darker clothing choices we all seem to make in the colder weather!

Is There A Difference Between Honey Blond And Bronde Hair Colors?

From the description, you’d be forgiven for thinking this color is almost identical to bronde. Happily, it’s really very different and is certainly more on the blond end of the color spectrum than it is brunette!

Bronde hair is much more of a brown tone than it is blond. It also, more often than not, uses a highlighting or balayage technique to add caramel blond to a light to a medium brown base. 

Will I Need To Get A Lot Of Touch Up Color Appointments If I Go Honey Blond?

Unless you started out with a dramatically different hair color (such as black or gray), you’ll be very glad to know that honey blond hair is certainly one of the easier shades of blond in terms of maintenance and color touch-ups. 

For example, those with platinum or bright blond locks. Even if your natural hair color isn’t a million miles away, bright blond is such a striking color that roots quickly become noticeable. This isn’t an issue of course if you love the look of this dramatic contrast. However, those wanting to keep their hair color looking somewhat natural will need to frequently have their roots re-dyed to avoid that happening.

When it comes to honey blond, this isn’t so much of a problem. The reason is that honey blond is, at its core, an incredibly natural-looking shade that blends beautifully into both light brown and blond hair. Therefore, as it begins to grow through, you’ll find the transition a lot less jarring than with dramatically lighter shades. 

Root cover-ups are still recommended of course, but, you won’t be in a panic the moment you see any regrowth. Also, if you ever wish to grow your honey blond color out (we just can’t see that happening!) it’ll look a lot more subtle than if you’d chosen a striking white or buttery blond color. 

What’s The Best Way To Take Care Of Honey Blond Hair?

The moment we have our hair dyed any shade of blond, our first question is always what our new haircare routine should be! As we all know, blond hair has a habit of becoming dryer and damaged much more quickly than brunette hair! 

That said, this particular shade won’t be as high maintenance as peroxide blond for example, but, we still want to keep it moisturized and nourished with a healthy shine!

For this, there are a few products and brands we highly recommend and use here at Anushka Spa & Salon

Firstly, we have the Faux-Bonde Care range by Kérastase. Each product in this line will help to preserve your newly honey blond hair and nourish it from root to tip. Whether it’s a simple shampoo and conditioner you need or something more intensive like a deeply nourishing mask, you’ll find they have all you need.

Alternatively, we also adore Oribe’s beautiful color range. From Shampoo’s, conditioners, and masks for colored hair in general to those specifically designed for blonds. Oribe knows just how to care for blond hair. We especially love their Bright Blonde Radiance & Repair Treatment. Formulated just for blonds, this lightweight formula repairs the hair, smoothes out split ends, and also prevents damage!


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