Trendy Men’s Haircuts In 2022

2022 will again be a great year for men’s haircuts!

Hairstyles will range from short and textured to long and messy and of course everything in between. Men’s haircuts in 2022 are pulling inspiration from around the globe as European gents know their way around style. Many men experimented with long hair over the past couple of years when they might not have been able to access their barber or salon as often. Now, a lot of men are reverting back to their classic cuts!

However, new hairstyles for men are continually appearing in barbershops thanks to skilled barbers pushing stylistic boundaries, so there’s always a chance to try something new. Barbers are creating hot modern cuts and styles, including dapper undercuts, slicked-back styles, and reinterpretations of classic looks. The popular men’s hairstyles in 2022 will be stylish for everyone including hipsters to the CEO.

Included in this list of the most popular men’s haircuts for 2022, will include tips and strategies for men with thinning hair. So, don’t be discouraged if you are lacking in the voluminous hair department. 2022 will bring stylish trends for men who have receding hairlines, without the dreaded “comb-over” look from the era’s past.

There are many cool haircuts to try this year, so if you’re looking to experiment with the latest hair trends, this is the time to do it. Below, we’ll discuss the most popular men’s hairstyles, how to style them, and the type of styling products to use.

1. Slicked-Back Hairstyle

Hairstyle for men

The classic slicked-back is a hairstyle that gents have been rocking for years, and it became extremely popular in the latter part of the 20th century. The slick back is a classic cut with a dash of trendiness. It’s the perfect style for men with receding hairlines and prominent widow’s peaks. Keeping hair off your face will increase your facial features, giving you the appearance of being more chiseled.

If you want to be more “bad-boy” than “boardroom” the slicked-back with an undercut is your cut. It will feature a long, slicked-back top with drastic contrasting shaved sides.

To keep the look from appearing flat and lifeless, use a blow-dryer and a round brush to pull the roots upwards before applying pomade. Make sure to use a little pomade, warming it up in your hands; you can always add more if needed. Using too much product will cause looks to be greasy and flat.

For gentlemen with a receding hairline, you can just grab a comb and some product and slick your hair towards the back of your head from the front. Set with a little hairspray, of course, make sure to not overdo the product.

2. Comb-Over Hairstyle

While the term “comb-over” may cause you to think of an older gentleman attempting to disguise a hair loss issue, think again. This reinvented haircut appears even better with a full head of hair! You can stylize it by adding a deeper shaved part, making sure it is dramatic and clean. Styling is simple by using a blow-dryer, some water-based pomade, and a comb.

However, if you suffer from hair loss, the comb-over hairstyle is excellent just the same. Men who are balding can incorporate the receding hairline into the style by using it as the lowest point in the natural part. This will give the illusion that your hair is thicker and more weighty. You’ll want to have your haircut so it’s a little longer at the front to help achieve this look.

Style using a small amount of product, then comb your hair back and to one side, and set with some hairspray.

3. Fades

Razor Shave

man is showing low fade hairstyle

The razor shave is the ideal haircut if you have or are starting to get bald spots. While going the full shave might seem tedious, it’s far better than gradually losing your hair one patch at a time. The razor shave will keep you looking clean-cut and distinguished while also maintaining a very masculine style. Plus, styling time is cut to nothing since you’ll no longer have to bother doing anything to your hair.

Low Fade

Low-fade refers to the side length, not the top of the style. The low-fade looks great with both short and medium lengths of hair on top. If you do opt for a medium length, you should consider a slicked-back or a pompadour hairstyle to complete your look.

Skin Fade with Short Hair

This is a perfect look if you have a receding hairline and are still in the early stages of balding. A skin fade with short hair is an edgy cut that allows more control over styling. The shaved sides and tapered length provide a modern aesthetic. This cut draws attention away from your hairline and towards the longer hair at the top of your head, which can make you appear younger.


The mid-fade haircut starts at the point above the ears, making it distinctive yet still adaptable to a different style, including the sleek back, pompadour, or comb-over. Complementary to short, straight hairstyles, it’s the trendier interpretation of fade cuts. To ensure your styling of this cut is neat and under control, secure it with a firm-hold mousse or gel. Again, use the product sparingly and build up to secure the desired texture.

High Top

High-top haircuts were popular back in the ’80s and are gaining popularity again. It features short sides (either an undercut or fade) and a sky-high top section, secured with the product—this style is quirky and cool. It’s up to the wearer how long to take the top. Just be sure you have plenty of volume in order to pull off having longer lengths.

Taper Fade with Pompadour

Taper fades lend the name to the tapered effect on the sides, going from thick on the top to almost shaved towards the nape of the neck. You will want to keep some length on top and roll the hair back into a pompadour. This softens the appearance of a receding hairline or widow’s peak.

Quiff Fade with Pompadour

There are a lot of styling opportunities when it comes to tapered cuts. The quiff, like the pompadour, works better with a little extra length on the top of the head. To style a quiff, start like you would a pompadour, but instead of going straight back, you will roll the hair to the left or right. This is a particularly attractive hairstyle and will make you appear younger as well as distinguished. It also helps detract from any signs of receding or thinning hair.

4. Men’s Haircuts

Crew Cut Fade

The crew cut is one of the most popular hairstyles for men with or without a receding hairline. Not to mention, it’s one of those men’s haircuts that’s not only popular in 2022 but is expected to remain one of the most popular choices for years to come. 

It works the same way as the buzz cut, by drawing attention away from your widow’s peak and back to your face. With the crew cut, you get to retain more hair length up top, not as much as would be needed for a quiff or pompadour. This is a great hairstyle for those going bald at younger ages and not ready to go with a razor cut.

High & Tight Men’s Haircut

Like the buzz and crew cut, high and tight is another military-inspired haircut. While it may not be the most versatile cut in terms of styling, it’s functional, easy to maintain, masculine, and will help to hide the signs of balding. High and tight cuts are cropped and faded to a very short length on the sides with a longer patch of hair left on the top.

Hair not as voluminous as it used to be? High and tight draws attention away from the hairline and back to the long hair, which helps define facial features and distract from thinning hair.

Ivy League

If you’re not familiar with the ivy league style, think of Ryan Reynolds’ collegiate cut. This dapper style is the perfect way to combat your creeping hairline but is best for those of you who still have a bit of volume left throughout your mane. It’s similar to the crew cut but has more volume on top.

Preppy Cut

This preppy cut is the ideal new hairstyle for the polished modern man. This look is perfect for every occasion and is stylish and clean-cut with the slightest relaxed touch. Preppy cuts use fewer styling products and are more tousled looking than the clean cuts of the ivy league and crewcuts.

Butch Cut

The butch cut involves the hair being shaved so it’s all the same length, similar to the buzz cut but with more length. Generally, it’s cut between 1⁄4 and 3⁄4 inches and follows the contour of the head all the way around. This style should make it so your receding hairline is barely visible while creating a masculine and clean-cut look. The butch cut is also super low maintenance, involving no products or blow-drying.

Regulation Men’s Haircuts

The regulation cut is also a take on a traditional army hairstyle that became popular during the World War Two era. The look involves the hair being extremely short at the sides, either tapered or shaven completely. The top of the hair is styled similar to a comb-over but kept tighter with the use of products.

Much like many comb-over styles, the regulation cut incorporates your hairline into the style by using it as a feature for the part line.

Tight Waves

The tight wave haircut is a polished style that’s perfect for dapper mature gentlemen. It features an all-over short length with some slight volume added to the top. It’s ideal for men with naturally wavy or curly hair. 

5. Middle Part

As with all styles, everything comes back in full circle…and if you don’t believe us, just open TikTok and you’ll see middle parts on men and women are taking over!

The middle part hairstyle screams the ‘90s and has returned to popularity over the past few years. This “curtain” style cut was unbelievably popular in the ’90s, especially with the rocker/grunge crowds. However, rocking this look now you can leave the grunge at home by ensuring your hair is clean and well maintained.

It’s a low-maintenance haircut requiring only a set of shampoo and conditioner. Remember to keep your outfit modern to avoid looking like you haven’t left the 90s.

6. Short & Messy Men’s Haircuts

If you’re after a disheveled hairstyle, look no further than the short and messy. This is great to maintain a professional yet youthful hairstyle, but also to conceal a receding hairline. This haircut is short on the sides with more volume on top.

After showering, apply some pomade and dry your hair with a towel. This creates a natural texture for a messy, just rolled-out-of-bed look.

7. Short curls

Curls aren’t just for the curls! Men’s haircuts that showcase their curly locks are more popular than ever in 2022. We’re seeing a lot of short, curly haircuts that utilize the natural texture of men’s hair to create that gently tousled, just-out-of-bed look. To achieve this look, a killer mousse will be key, so be sure to ask your stylist to recommend one for you.

8. Short Fringe

Another trendy men’s haircut in 2022 is the short fringe. It suits men with a triangular face shape or a high forehead particularly well, and it’s a subtle change that can make a big difference. Adding a bit of texture to the front of the hair helps define your features, but it’s also low-maintenance enough that it won’t mean waking up extra early to style!

2022 brings fresh new takes on classic hairstyles, and barbers and stylists are leading the way by being experimental and keeping up to date on fashion, trends, and celebrities’ styles. Going to a salon or barbershop with experienced stylists is important—at Anushka Spa we pride ourselves on creating stylish hair designs for men, both trendy and classic looks.

Anushka Spa & Salon is an oasis where you can rewind from the day’s troubles and leave looking fresh and ready to conquer anything.