Trigger Point Massage Therapy: How To Help Neck Pain

Is pesky neck pain holding you back from living your life comfortably? Maybe it’s even keeping you up at night or preventing you from your favorite sports and activities. It might seem like you’ve tried everything to deal with it. But there’s another option worth exploring that might be new to you: trigger point massage.

Today, we’re going to tell you all about this type of massage, as well as how it can benefit you.

What is Trigger Point Massage Therapy?

Most of us have trigger points on our bodies. In terms of massage, these are areas that are particularly sore, knotted, and tense. These trigger points are particularly sensitive, and they can produce pain in different parts of the body when they’re touched. 

These muscle spasms are areas where the muscles become so tense they can’t relax on their own.  This leads to tension and pain that radiates from these spots. Usually, they form as the result of a repetitive activity. In the case of trigger points on your neck, it’s often sitting at a desk and typing, or constantly looking down at your phone that can lead to this problem.

Myofascial pain syndrome

Rather than having a single trigger point, many people end up with several of them grouped together. This is known as myofascial pain syndrome. And as you can imagine, it can be incredibly painful. It’s also more common than you might think: researchers estimate it affects approximately 44 million people just in the United States.

Whether you have a single trigger point or several in your neck, the pain and discomfort is hard to live with for long. Hot baths and pain medication might provide temporary relief. But for most people, the best solution is actually releasing the tension from these knots, rather than just managing your pain. 

And the good news is, with trigger point massage, your massage therapist can effectively target these areas to finally give you the relief you’re looking for.

How do they work?

You may have had massages like hot stone massage in the past that felt good, but didn’t offer any long-term benefits.

With trigger point massage, however, you can actively work on solving a problem that’s causing you pain and tension. 

Also known as trigger point therapy, this massage technique is used in clinics around the world and has been for decades. Discover the best massages for migraines, many clients experience some discomfort and comfort simultaneously. In order to release the knots, pressure must be applied on and around them. 

However, this short-term discomfort can often bring long-term relief by finally getting to the root of the problem! Interestingly, many clients experience a burst of energy following a trigger point massage which is another big benefit of the practice. 

When you meet with your massage therapist, you will explain to them where you’re having pain. Usually, the moment they have their hands on your muscles, they will be able to pinpoint these trigger points without you telling them exactly where you are!

Then, your massage therapist will have a map of trigger points in mind as they work on your neck and back. They will provide consistent pressure to these points in order to stretch and ease the muscles that are tight. 

At Anushka Spa, you can experience added benefits and relief with the help of our detoxifying steam room. Here, you cash away impurities and refresh yourself as you delight in our multi-jet shower. Our spacious dressing suites provide ample privacy to transition to either your next treatment or to bring you back to the present. You never need to worry about your personal possessions as each guest receives a locker and key to store valuables while you drift off to your blissful treatment.

How to Manage Trigger Points

For many people, a single massage is enough to release a trigger point that has been causing them neck pain. However, it’s important to keep up with healthy habits that can keep them from returning. 

  • Switch things up: Anytime you’re stuck doing something repetitively, the muscles are prone to tightening up. While these repetitive activities aren’t always avoidable, it’s important to incorporate regular breaks. Whenever you can, take some time to stretch, move your body, and switch things up. 
  • Exercise: The benefits of exercise probably aren’t lost on you when it comes to health and wellness. But one of the benefits that isn’t considered as often is how regular movement keeps your muscles limber! With regular movement and activity, you’re helping keep your muscles stretched and ready for whatever comes their way. 
  • Monthly massages: One of the best ways to get ahead of trigger points and neck pain is booking monthly massages. That way, your massage therapist can work on any troublesome spots and fix the problem before it becomes a bigger issue. Not to mention, massage is enjoyable and relaxing, and you deserve to treat yourself! Regular massage is also proven to be beneficial for easing muscle tension in general, promoting relaxation and wellness, and improving flexibility. (Keep an eye on our massage specials here)

Where to Get Trigger Point Massage in West Palm Beach

Find yourself in total harmony when you embark on a sensory journey through one of our luxury treatments. Not only are our treatments deeply relaxing, but the strategic compression patterns of our skilled therapists offer a number of other benefits too:

  • Helping improve circulation,
  • Relieving muscle tension in trigger points
  • Heightening your sense of overall restoration
  • Providing relief from tension headaches

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Don’t wait another day! Call to book an hour or an afternoon experience and prepare to be taken to another world. 

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