What Is Brow Lamination? The Latest Brow Trend Taking Over Your Feed

As we all know, beauty treatment trends come and go quicker than we can scroll through them. Some stick around and make our lives and skincare routines easier. Others are a waste of time, money, and energy no matter how fun they might be to try! So, where does Brow lamination fall exactly? What is this brow trend popping up literally everywhere? Is it the answer to our perfect brow dreams? Read on and we’ll talk you through the entire process from start to finish. Plus we’ll go over post-treatment care and its astonishing results!

What Does It Mean To Get Your Brow Laminated?

Have you noticed more and more images of sleek, perfectly symmetrical brows cropping up everywhere? Then you’re most likely looking at pics of laminated brows. The best way to spot laminated brows is the way the hairs are brushed upward and set in place.  

The results are very similar to those of Soap Brows which literally uses soap in place of brow gel. (You brush the soap through the eyebrows to achieve a slick, perfectly polished look that stays.) 

So how does the brow lamination process work? Well, a brow artist will, basically, carry a sort of perm for your brows. The process also works similarly to a lash lift except here, it focuses on the eyebrow hairs of course. It’s a chemical process that starts with a lifting cream. This cream breaks down the bonds within each brow hair readying them for easy movement during the next phase. 

Following this, the brow technician will brush the hairs upward. Then, they’ll hold them in place with a neutralizer. The neutralizer then works to set the brow hairs in their vertical position. There may also be a few hairs trimmed at the top to achieve the desired shape.

Finally, a super nourishing brow oil will promote moisture and replenish each hair. This will ensure your eyebrows remain healthy and shiny whilst preventing any brittleness.

What Results Can We Expect To See After Eyebrow Lamination?

The main result you’ll notice from your brow lamination is the appearance of much fuller brows. It’s something so many of us want to achieve and this is definitely a great way to get there. 

In addition to their new, fuller appearance, you’ll notice the hairs are easier to manage and direct. Those of us with curly or just generally stubborn brows will know how important that is! That’s why we’d highly recommend this treatment for anyone with unruly brows. Once you’ve tried it, we’re pretty certain you’ll love it forever. 

brow lamination before and after

Is Brow Lamination Safe For My Brows?

You may worry that this process, seeing as it’s chemical, will be bad for your brow hairs. However, following the initial lifting process, your brow technician will always apply a nourishing oil or serum. This will actively maintain the health and moisture of your brows. Therefore, you shouldn’t be noticing any dryness or brittle hairs afterward. 

What Are The Biggest Benefits Of Brow Lamination?

This brow treatment is, of course, a great way to get your brows into shape. Additionally, you’ll notice that your eyebrows are much more obedient. Combing them will no longer result in multi-directional hairs or curling. Instead, your brows will comb straight up with ease and look fuller than ever before. This treatment is also semi-permanent meaning you won’t need them done too regularly either!

brow lamination before and after west palm beach

How Do I Care For My Brows Post Lamination?

After your lamination treatment, make sure not to get your brows wet for the first 24 hours. Doing so can sometimes interfere with the setting process. This may mean your brow lamination worked in the beginning but will not last as long over time. 

How Long Do The Results Last?

This semi-permanent treatment lasts between 4-6 weeks. Once gravity and natural hair growth begin to take over, you’ll notice the shape lessens and may begin to drop. But, fear not. This treatment is perfectly safe and nourishing. Therefore you’ll be able to get them laminated again once the effects of your initial treatment have worn off. Book an appointment to experience our best services in Anushka Spa & Salon at West Palm Beach.