6 Beauty Treatments Women Want Men To Do Regularly

Gentlemen, perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the beauty treatments the women in your life have been talking about, or, maybe you want to find out what’s available to you. Maybe you want to find out why it’s worth your while and what’s on offer for a well deserved hour or two of relaxation. Either way, we’re here to fill you in on the latest treatments and to reveal the appointments that the women in your life wish you treated yourself to regularly. From smoother hands and feet to a relaxed mind and muscles. You’re about to discover all that the Anushka Spa & Salon in West Palm Beach has to offer you. Also, all treatments listed will take place in the Men’s Sanctuary. A separate suite for men which features all the luxury of the women’s sanctuary with the added bonus of a mounted (and muted) television for restful entertainment…

picture of a hand with nail cutter & nail scissors for men manicure


Of all the treatments we’ll talk about here, this is one we doubt you’ll need much convincing on! Whatever your week looks like in terms of work and social commitments, in today’s busy world, we’re all in need of a time out. Some dedicated time to relax and recover our minds and bodies. This is especially true for those with jobs requiring a great deal of time on their feet, constant movement, or heavy lifting. 

If this sounds like you, we highly suggest booking in for one of the many luxury massage treatments we offer here at Anushka. From a European style massage designed to improve circulation and relieve muscle tension to a deep tissue massage which opens locked up muscles and releases tension. There are so many opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation and they’re just a few clicks or a phone call away! 

If you’d rather have a little company for your treatment, why not make it a restful and romantic experience by booking in for our duet couples massage spa hour. 

Men’s Manicures

For some men, manicures and pedicures are thought of as treatments suitable for women only. It’s not necessarily something they would consider booking in for themselves, therefore. However, manicures really aren’t just about making your hands look pretty and adding color to your nails. They’re so much more than that and we bet we can surprise you with their benefits…

  • Soothe away stress with a relaxing hot towel treatment
  • Improve the skin texture on your hands and cuticles
  • Ensure your hands and nails are healthy and well-nourished

Additionally, we can ensure your appointment is as convenient as it is relaxing with a chair-side checkout, complimentary valet parking, refreshments, and complimentary wi-fi.

Men’s Pedicures

Despite what you may think, pedicures, much like manicures, can be one of the most beneficial beauty treatments on offer for their impact on your everyday life. After days spent on your feet, running around at work, dashing from one social gathering to the next, and keeping up with family, your feet need a break! 

If it’s been a while since you took proper care of your feet, you may even be noticing a lot of dry skin and brittle, overgrown toenails. Aside from the fact that these things can be rather unsightly for you and your partner, the health of your feet is so important. We can help you make sure they’re in great condition whilst giving you some well deserved time to put them up for a while.

Much like our manicure services, your pedicure treatment will ensure you leave our salon feeling super-relaxed with healthier, smoother feet and nails. You can also choose whether you’d like to indulge with a spa pedicure that allows guests to take advantage of our massaging recliners and jetted tubs. Alternatively, you can retreat to the pedicure lounge tucked away in a peaceful spa oasis. Here you can enjoy plush loungers, tea, coffee, light bites, and soothing spa music!

Men’s Facials

Gentlemen, if you’ve never had the pleasure of a relaxing, skin-enhancing facial before, you really don’t know what you’re missing! Once again, you may think this treatment is for a female audience only but that’s absolutely not the case. We all deserve healthy, well-hydrated skin, and these treatments, suitable for all, will make sure you get it! 

Those who suffer from acne will benefit greatly from our Acne Facial which offers a deep pore and deep tissue cleanse. We will tailor it specifically to your skin needs, ridding your skin of excess oils and stimulate circulation. This will give you much healthier, less acne-prone, skin.

If you’re hoping to improve the look and health of your skin in general, we suggest the Intraceutricals Oxygen Facial. This facial promotes relaxation whilst reducing dry, overworked skin, and signs of premature aging.

side view of a male model showing his haircut

Grooming Treatments

Forget the barber the next time your hair needs an update and visit us here at the Anushka Hair Salon. Whether you’re thinking of trying out a new style or even a brand new hair color, we here at the Anushka spa are ready to give you the hair you’ve always wanted. 

If it’s your gray hair you’re looking to have treated, you may be looking to embrace your new silver fox exterior, or you may wish to change it up with new hair color. Either way, our highly trained hair technicians and colorists are here to give you whatever you need!

Spa Treatments

If you really want to go all out and give yourself time to re-energize your entire mind and body, look no further than our restorative Anushka spa treatments. The lady in your life may be hoping you keep up with these appointments just so she can accompany you! If that’s the case, why not enjoy a well deserved day of mutual relaxation with a spa package or a restorative couples treatment.