Top 5 Reasons Men Should Get Pedicures

It’s no secret that a considerably higher percentage of women than men are visiting their local nail salon to treat themselves to a pedicure. A stigma has been attached to the words manicure and pedicure over the years indicating that these treatments are for women only. This stereotype will often leave men feeling uncomfortable with the thought of indulging their hands and feet. They also need men beauty treatment.

Well, no more! As so many amazing benefits come with regular foot care, we thought it about time we uncover all of the reasons why more men should be booking themselves in for this hour of relaxation. Let’s talk about why you should seriously consider getting those toenails trimmed clean and buffed to perfection!


1. Consider The Health Benefits?

Despite what you may have been lead to think, a spa pedicure isn’t all perfumes and nail polish. Yes, a pedicure is certainly going to leave your feet looking and feeling better and more youthful than before, but the benefits to your health are also huge factors. Here are some lesser considered reasons to get yourself into that massage chair.

 Circulation – As part of your pedicure a foot and calve massage will often be included. Not only is this part of the process incredibly relaxing, it also stimulates and encourages healthy blood flow, therefore, improving your circulation. Many of us are on our feet all day working, exercising, and socialising yet we usually give our atten-tion to our necks and backs when it comes time to relax. Remember, your feet are what support and carry you throughout each day, its time to give them something in return too!

 Nail Health – Regular pedicures mean regular toenail inspections. This isn’t something all of us can claim to stay on top of ourselves yet it’s incredibly important for avoiding ingrown toenails and other nasty fungal infec-tions that can develop on neglected nails. Your pedicurist will always ensure that your toenails aren’t jagged or incorrectly filed on top but trimmed clean and free of any nasty build-ups.

 Relaxation – We’ll go into this substantial benefit in more detail but another advantage of pedicures is the time they allow you to give to yourself. Having that time to take a breather and be peacefully spoiled is guaranteed to lift your spirits and relieve built-up tension.

2. Relieve All That Stress

It’s truly remarkable how a good foot soak and massage can release the tension we’ve been carrying with us for goodness know how long. Sitting for an hour or so in a comfortable chair with your feet receiving some well-deserved attention is never a bad thing. It’s a chance to take a little time out that’s just for you, away from your busy schedule and feel revived and refreshed when you leave your appointment. Everyone deserves some time to themselves so never doubt that men’ pedicures are just as deserved as women!

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3. Prevent Issues Before They Arise

Pedicures aren’t just a chance to spruce up stinky feet, remove dead skin and leave with clean and buffed nails, they’re also one of the only ways to spot and prevent those problems you may not even realise are occurring deep inside your sneakers. One you’ve most likely heard of, or may have even suffered with, are those dreaded ingrown toenails. Incorrectly cutting your toenails either by shape or length is one of the main causes of this condition. Though it may not sound like a serious health concern, when left over a long period they can lead to open sores, a loss of blood flow to the area, and even infection within the bone of the affected toe. Not to mention they can be-come incredibly painful! When you can, leave it to the professionals at the Anushka nail salon west palm beach to avoid this altogether, and get some well-deserved pampering whilst your at it!

4. Gain Confidence

Having your feet on display for all to see might be a rare occurrence for you. However, there are times such as when you’re relaxing at home, wearing sandals during the summer months, planning a trip to the pool or even just mov-ing to and from the shower that having bare feet becomes a necessity. So, if you’re feeling aware that you’ve neglected those toes and allowed your heels to become a little rougher than you’d like, a trip to the nail spa is the answer. With just one visit your feet will be looking and feeling clean and smooth giving you complete confidence to put your feet on show. You’ll be surprised at just how freeing that can feel!

5. Aid Your Athletic Performance

When we think of pro athletes, understandably, spa treatments aren’t the first thing to come to mind. That being said, pedicures have and continue to become more and more popular among the sporting elite and we can totally understand why. Not only does it improve your feet from an aesthetic point of view, but regular treatments can also improve athletic performance. If regular exercise is part of your weekly routine, here are some benefits you’ll find particularly enticing!

 Increased Comfort – A foot file or pumice stone can be used to remove uncomfortable callouses and dead skin from the surface of your feet. This makes your exercise time considerably more manageable, thus improving your comfort and endurance levels.

 Improved Recovery Time – As previously mentioned, a foot and calve massage is often part of your pedicure treatment meaning improved circulation which in turn reduces the chances of prolonged swelling post-workout.

 Reduced Foot Odor – Okay, so this one isn’t exactly a necessity for athletic enhancement yet it can be off-putting for you and those sharing the locker room! A good foot soak combined with the removal of dead skin and dirt under the nails will reduce the chances of lingering foot odor dramatically!

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