Ultimate Guide to Best Hair Color to Look Younger

Let’s face it, after the disaster that was the year 2020, many of us are feeling older than our years and even as if we’ve had a year of our lives stolen away. As a result, we’re feeling increasingly less youthful and are struggling to achieve the appearance we desire. 

The easiest, quickest, and truly effective ways to look and feel younger once again? Switch up your hair color! We’ve discovered plenty of shades that will give you an instantly more youthful appearance and have you feeling like your old (well, young) self again! Keep scrolling to discover our top picks…

Wondering if this technique truly works, just take a look at our hair color to look younger before and after pictures!

Choosing A Hair Color To Look Younger

No matter the shade you’re looking for, we have you covered with this extensive list. The only question is, which will you choose? Don’t be afraid to be bold and embrace a daringly youthful appearance, not that you’ll have much choice after coloring your locks with any one of these truly pretty shades!

Golden Brunette

For those that need a lift but still want to keep their brunette locks, we recommend a rich combination of golden caramel and honey brown tones mixed into the hair. This will reflect the light as you swish your locks around, picking up and reflecting the light. It will also complement your complexion in a way that a flat, one-color brown shade won’t

What’s more, without these differences in tone, a darker color can quickly wash you out. So, opt for these stunning additions to lift and accentuate your original color and give some youthful dimension to your hair. This will also help it to look thicker and healthier!

Copper Brown

Instead of opting for a flat, dark, and moody shade of deep brown, opt for something with some warmth and heart mixed in like an irresistible copper brown! We adore this versatile shade which suits pretty much everyone and will give any dark brown hair an instantly youthful lift. What’s more, this color works perfectly all year round thanks to an irresistible blend of deep brunette for the winter months, and flecks of gentle copper for warmer weather.

Honey Blonde

When it comes to youthful hair colors, honey blonde is always sitting near the top of our recommendations list. Firstly, lighter hair colors are synonymous with a more youthful look. Secondly, this particular shade incorporates warm, golden honey tones which will soften the blonde and add warmth to your complexion. Perfect for those wanting to lighten their hair whilst maintaining an overall depth of color.

Strawberry Blonde

Since deep red shades can be a little harsh when we’re trying to look more youthful, honey blonde is the perfect way to embrace your love of red shades in a more subtle yet no less beautiful way. Ask your colorist for a shade that brings warmth a depth to your locks without going too over the top towards the red coloring. This color should be a definitive blonde with just a red to ignite a youthful glow.

Soft Caramel Brown

Can’t decide between blonde or brunette? Opt for a dreamy shade of caramel brown! Not only is this shade the perfect mix of both colors, but it’s also very complimentary when it comes to looking more youthful. Perfect! It also won’t wash out your complexion as the brown tones are very subtle. Meanwhile, the blonde isn’t so bright or brassy that it’ll look lifeless either. Caramel-brown is all about warmth and a creamy-looking color that suits pretty much everyone out there. What’s more, we can bet once you try it, you’ll never want to go back to a simple blonde or brown color again!

Blonde & Gray Blend

Sometimes the best way to look more youthful with your hair color is to embrace what’s already there instead of trying to cover it up. For example, if your hair has started to grey or has streaks of white, covering it with a dark brown or even black shade will have you needing to retouch your routes every other week! Instead, we highly recommend working with your natural color, opting to blend in shades of blonde to add warmth and lift the general shade as one. This will not only look more youthful, but it will also look like you’re embracing your natural beauty. This is always a better look than trying to fully conceal what is, truthfully, something so beautiful!

Light Blonde Hair

Depending on your complexion, light blonde hair can be a great way to give yourself a youthful boost. Especially if you opt to have it cut into a shoulder-length style for a little added bounce and volume! Ask your stylist to work with your natural hair color and especially opt for this shade if your hair is a lighter shade naturally. This will compliment your facial features perfectly whilst reflecting the light which is always a great way to look and feel younger and instantly full of life. 

Pretty Pink Locks

Okay, so we’ll admit, this might not be for everyone. After all, this is a pretty out-there shade, especially if you feel you’re past the age where anything other than a ‘natural’ looking color is appropriate. Our advice? If it looks good and you feel good, go for it! Pastel shades are synonymous with youth and if you’re having fun with your tresses, that youthful joy will radiate from within. Simply speak with your colorist so they can determine exactly which shade is right for you and your complexion and then, be prepared to look and feel ten years younger in an instant!

Will you opt for a subtle shade of honey blonde or caramel brown? Or does a pastel pink sound like something you could get on board with to feel more like your younger self? Whichever color you choose, we can’t wait to welcome you here to the Anushka Spa & Salon and help make your hair color dreams a reality!