It’s Time To Start Embracing Silver Hair… With Salon Help!

As many of you will have already realized, gray hair doesn’t patiently lay in wait until your 70th birthday then decide to show up on your cue. Unfortunately, gray hair makes its own rules and whether you’re 15 or 50, if it decides to sprout, you’ve gained yourself a friend (or foe) for life. So, whether you’re over the moon or you feel like hiding under the bed at the sight of your new shade, we’re here to explain why its time to start embracing the beautiful silver mane you’ve been blessed with. And don’t worry, our highly experienced hair technicians here at the Anushka Spa & Salon are ready and waiting to help you navigate this super-stylish transition! 

Why Silver Hair Should Be Celebrated?

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Why Silver Hair Should Be Celebrated

Now, it’s no secret that for many of us, noticing those first few silver hairs, no matter our age, can cause a range of emotions. If you’ve been wanting to style it out like Ariana circa 2017 without forking out for a trip to the salon, you’re in luck! If, however, those sneaky silver strands have appeared earlier than you were hoping, or even if you’re at an age where it seems natural but you just weren’t ready, it can be a difficult moment to face. These are all perfectly understandable emotions but they don’t have to dictate how you feel about your newly silver hair forever. 


Since we were tiny, we’ve been taught that ‘gray hair equals old, old equals bad’. This. Is. False. 

These ideas are ones we’ve learned, they’re not ones we were born with and they certainly aren’t ones we can’t change. For example, instead of ‘gray hair equals old’, how about, ‘gray hair equals, experience, knowledge, nature, beauty, confidence, power’. After all, the gray, silver, or white hair we’ve developed with age only means we’ve been lucky enough to spend more years on this earth! We’ve learned more, we’ve experienced more, we’ve loved more and we’ve learned exactly who we are. If who you are is somebody with silver hair, we say embrace the heck out of it! Swish those frosty tresses proudly, and you can trust us, you’ll never feel more authentically you.

Teenagers & Young Adults With Gray Hair

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Teenagers & Young Adults With Gray Hair

Now, if you’re at an age where the appearance of silver or gray hairs seems early to you, we understand it may be harder to embrace them as a privilege of getting older. If you choose to dye your hair, you’re not alone. Many women take this route and are happy to wait until a later date to fully celebrate their silvery style. That said, no matter what age you are, silver hair is unquestionably beautiful and definitely not something to hide! We’ve lost count of the celebrities and influencers popping up on our feed with gorgeous gray hair over the last few years. And, if the likes of, Cara Delevingne, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna are anything to go by, we don’t see the trend letting up any time soon! 


Therefore, the next time you feel your unicorn strands are more of a curse than a blessing, know that literally millions of women the world over are paying good money to achieve what’s naturally yours. Wear it proudly if that’s your wish!

How To Transition Gracefully To White, Gray, Or Silver Hair

We’re here to prove that’s it’s not just the men in our lives that we should call ‘silver foxes’ or refer to as having ‘sexy salt and pepper hair’. Also, once you’ve decided to no longer dye your hair and embrace your gray, you’ll feel like a new person! Countless women who have been dye-free for years or have just recently stopped coloring say their only regret is not doing it sooner now that they understand how smooth the transition can be. So, what are your options for showcasing your natural hair now you’re super into those gorgeous gray streaks? Let us explain…

before and after of silver hair application

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  • Go For The Chop

If your color (natural or dyed) has been growing out naturally for some time but you just can’t wait any longer, consider asking your stylist for a shorter haircut that takes it all away instantly! There’s nothing cooler than a choppy silver bob after all and you’ll feel like a new woman!

Once you’ve taken the plunge at the salon and want to care for your new locks at home, opt for the Silverati Shampoo by Oribe. This formula is specially formulated to brighten white and silver strands whilst removing any unwanted yellow tones. Combine this with the Silverati Conditioner for an intensely moisturizing finish!

  • Let Go Of The Color

Some are perfectly happy to let their natural white, silver, or gray roots come through slowly whilst they grow out their accompanying dyed or natural hair color. Others however want to be rid of it quickly whilst still maintaining their length. If this sounds like you, discuss it with your stylist. They’ll often be able to reverse your current dye job and offer a more natural blend that allows those gorgeous gray locks to transition in more naturally!

Make sure to keep your newly gray hair in pristine condition between salon visits with the Hairdressers Invisible Oil Balm by Bumble & Bumble. This gorgeous pre-shampoo mask will soften your tresses whilst hydrating them. It’ll also ensure they stay tangle-free before your post-wash comb through!

  • Lighten Up!

If you’re thinking of transitioning to silver tresses eventually but want it to be a more gradual process, your colorist will be able to offer shades that work for you, your hair color, and your complexion. Going from dark brown hair to white overnight may seem, understandably, a little daunting but this way you can ease into your new look over a matter of months!

Once you leave the Anushka Salon with your newly dyed hair, you’ll want to keep it looking shiny and feeling protected! For this, we recommend the L’ Huile Rose Elixir Ultime by Kerastase. This will work to enhance the true depth of your color and leave your hair feeling irresistibly smooth!