Grey Hair Styles – What’s Best To Look For Summer

If you’re tired of simply lightening your locks or adding in blond highlights every time summer comes around, we hear you. As much as we adore light brown or blond hair colors in warm weather they’re definitely shades we’ve tried before and on multiple occasions. Enter, gorgeous grey hair styles. That’s right, this summer, we’re mixing things up with some seriously stunning shades of gray, and you can too. 

Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling for your handy guide on the most incredible gray colors, cuts, and hairstyles we can’t wait to recommend to you for the sunshine season ahead!

Gray Hair Styles

As Christian and Anastasia would tell you, there are plenty of options out there when it comes to the shade of gray you choose. (That said, we’re not sure they were all too interested in hair styling!)

To help you decide which color is right for you, we’ve listed just a few of our favorites. We also think these will best suit you.

Gray Blond

Grey blond hair is the perfect option both for ladies looking to begin embracing their natural gray. And those wanting to dye their hair gray without fully committing to full gray coverage. 

It’s a stunning shade of cool blond that subtly introduced gray tones. It’s beautiful and definitely more of a transitional color. This is one we would still say is more on the blond side than gray. 

Transitional Gray

If you’ve always had dark hair but are now noticing more gray than ever, we have excellent news for you. You don’t have to choose! 

Instead of panicking and immediately calling your stylist to cover the gray or painstakingly waiting out your new silver strands to come in, embrace both colors at once. 

This fabulous two-toned look, believe it or not, is right on trend and looks sensational when done right. If your gray is coming in a way that looks playful, go ahead a let it do its thing. 

If your gray is all in your roots and along the hairline looking crisp and unnatural, talk to your stylist. They’ll be able to design a way for you to merge the two beautifully. You just wait for your old color to fade and your new glorious gray shade to come into its own. 

Mushroom Gray Hair

Despite being named after food, we realize this one doesn’t sound particularly tasty. But trust us, it looks sensational and lovers of formerly brown hair will adore it. 

Earthy brown tones provide the base whilst cool silvery pieces layered throughout your locks make up the gray element we’re going for. What you’re left with is a stunning, natural-looking gray that’s rooted in a brunette color you know and love. Perfect for your first go at grey hair color. It’s also ideal for ladies looking to let their silvery locks grow in gradually. 

Gray Marble

Yes, gray marble hair is as stunning as it sounds. 

This perfect blend of cool, icy gray tones and striking silver balayage makes for one the prettiest, summer-inspired gray hair colors we’ve seen to date. Ask your stylist to help you create this on-trend look then watch it sparkle under the sunlight all season long, 

Natural Gray Styles

If you’re sitting there all smug because you’ve no need for dyes, we’re envious! Gone are the days of covering up those glorious silver locks of yours, it’s 2021 and start loving and embracing gray hair just as we always should have done. 

Gorgeous Gray Hair Cuts

Now, while wouldn’t exactly say that a certain hair color suits a certain hair cut, there are a few cuts we think look seriously amazing with gorgeous gray tresses. Therefore, if you’re looking to mix things up with your newly dyed or naturally gray hair, this is the section for you!

The Lob

Yes, yes, we know. We’re obsessed with lob haircuts! But, when you find a style that suits hair of every shape, texture, length, and color known to man, you’re allowed to become fully obsessed with it. 

So, ladies with gray hair, we’re looking at you. Ask your stylist for a chic, blunt-cut lob to give a modern, stylish edge to your gray lengths. And, to fully embrace the summer season, we suggest adding a few beachy waves to your style for good measure. 

A Choppy Pixie Cut

Think, Jamie Lee Curtis and you’ll see where we’re at! Nothing looks fresher or chicer than a choppy, short pixie cut when it comes to gray hair. 

Long Grey Layered Hair

We get so used to seeing short gray haircuts, we often forget that longer lengths look just as beautiful in this shade as long as you get the style right!

Avoid long, long grey hair that’s all one length and opt instead for V-shaped layers at your next hair appointment. Your new, dramatic gray style will be full of bounce and shine. You won’t believe how stunning your silvery color looks with all that added movement from multiple layers!

Gray Hair Cuts You Can Try!

Similar to our thoughts on cuts for gray hair, you can, of course, choose to style your hair whichever way you choose and be confident in the fact it will look gorgeous however you wear it. Once again, however, some styles we know and love lend themselves so beautifully to gray locks, we thought it only right we include our top recommendations for long gray hairstyles, medium-length gray hairstyles, and short gray hairstyles here for you to try.

The Side Flip

Don’t wear your hair in a clearly defined center or side parting. We suggest flipping the majority of it over to create lift, personality, and a deep side part with heaps of volume. 

We love how the fierce nature of this simple look embraces the cool, modern tones of gray hair. Plus, it takes literally seconds to create and works both daytime and evening looks. This will work perfectly for ladies with short to medium-length hair.


Without question, one of our favorite gray hairstyles for women with long hair is braids. And no, we’re not talking about two long and limp braids a la Wednesday Adams, we mean modern, stylish-looking braids that elevate not only your style but also your bewitching gray color. 

For this, we recommend either wearing all of the hair down and creating one long voluminous dutch braid down one side or, pulling the top section of the hair back and creating a high half up half down braid. Making sure to pull out a few face-framing pieces at the front of course

The twists in these braids will show multi-dimensional shades of your gray hair whilst adding youthful appearance to you. 

Which grey hair styles will you opt for? And once you’ve decided, which fierce style? We can’t wait to see what you choose and to welcome you here to the Anushka Spa & Salon where we’ll help you create the gray summer style you so deserve.