This Is How COVID is Changing Hair Color Trends For 2020 And Beyond

After staying inside our homes for what’s felt like an eternity, many things have changed. We’re altering the way we think and feel about so many things right now and just one of them is our hair color. Perhaps you’ve already tried every color under the sun in quarantine or maybe you’ve used the time to make one solid decision. Either way, we can take you through just how and why this pandemic has altered so many people’s approach to hair color and the trends we’ve seen cropping up as a result!

Now, before we get to the hair color trends we’re seeing literally everywhere right now, let’s look at how and why we’re noticing them more…

We’re Working From Home

Make-shift desk areas have become a standard feature in so many of our houses this year. With orders to stay inside in place, we’ve had no choice but to work in our kitchens, lounges, hallways, and… beds (come on, we’ve all done it!). With this unavoidable change of scenery has come a new way of dressing and styling ourselves for work. Let’s face it, unless there’s an 8 am Zoom call on the agenda, even changing out of pajamas can seem more effort than it’s worth! Additionally, many of us haven’t felt that same need or desire to style our hair. Simply running a brush through it seems sufficient enough, after all, nobody’s going to see us anyway!

The Return Of Natural Hair Colors

Lately, we’ve been spending pretty much all of our time at home and zero time at the salon. For some, it’s been a nightmarish ordeal. For others, it’s presented a chance to see our natural hair color peeking through for the first time in, in some cases, years. Some have found this a joy, a chance to take care of and grow out an old color with no witnesses to the awkward in-between stage! Others have literally loathed the experience and are counting down the days until they can get back into the salon chair!

Hair Salons Were/Are Closed

Though some have been able to re-open, many salons remain closed. This has meant different things for different people. Some, as we mentioned, are embracing their natural colors. Others have either covered up their hair with clever styling tricks (or hats) or have tried their hand at at-home hair dying! Whichever is true for you, there’s no denying that limited access to professional styling has had a huge impact on the way we’re coloring (or not coloring) our hair these days. 

Considering Costs

Another cause for the shift in hair color trends is money. With so many businesses closing temporarily, a huge amount of the population has had to become quickly more aware of their spending habits. This has led to a rise in both color grow outs and at-home coloring with store-bought hair dyes and color kits. 

Let’s take a look now at the trends we’re seeing emerge as a result of these causes…

Low Maintenance Face Framing Highlights And Color Melts

As salons have started to re-open, we’ve been searching for color techniques that’ll work with (or fix) grown out color. Enter color melts and low maintenance highlights! Both these color techniques are a great way to incorporate your natural look whilst giving you a fresh new update. 

·        Face framing highlights 

Possibly the most beautifully subtle and low maintenance color you could ask for is face-framing highlights. Not only will they instantly refresh your existing color, but they’ll also highlight your features perfectly. 

·        Color Melts

Want another expertly cool way to make the most of your natural color? Opt for a color melt! This stunning color trend makes your hair look as though it’s melting into the colored part. This can be either balayage or highlights that coordinate with your natural tones.

·        Balayage And Ombre

Speaking of balayage, it’s become even more popular in recent months. Different from a color melt, balayage adds color using an intentional painted effect rather than seamlessly blending it. Therefore, you’ll see a stronger contrast with more noticeable results. 

Similarly, we’re seeing another huge rise in ombre styles! This technique is, again, less subtle than a color melt. Here the color sits towards the bottom of your hair creating a horizontal color look that focuses on highlighting the ends!

·        Embracing And Enhancing Natural Hair Color

Remember how we said so many of us have, intentionally or not, started growing out our natural color? Well, we’re seeing plenty of clients wanting to further highlight that fact a celebrate their organic roots. Adding additional highlights to simply lift their color. Or, opting for balayage which adds dimension without changing the shade or tone. However it’s done, we’re loving it!

·       Trying Bold Hair Color – 

With hundreds of offices closed, many of us are realizing we no longer need to adhere to a corporate dress code or style. Therefore, it’s given us the perfect opportunity to experiment! If you’ve always wanted to try a sweet shade of pink, for example, but worried about how your boss might react, now is the time to try it out!

 If you’ve longed for an icy shade of blue but felt it wouldn’t suit your suit, go for it now and book an appointment! Fingers crossed, we may never have a time like this again. Therefore, whilst you’re stuck inside with no-one to see and pretty much nowhere to go, be bold. You may find the experiment is just that, an experiment. You’re glad you tried but it’s not for you long term. However, you could also learn that this seemingly eccentric new color of yours has been just what you’ve dreamed of all along. It could be the begging of a whole new you!