How To Keep Hair Color From Fading

We’ve all been there. You’ve walked out of your salon appointment swishing your newly colored locks and you’re feeling on top of the world. Yet, within just a few weeks, your once beautifully vibrant tresses have faded into an unrecognizable shade of nothing and feel utterly dull and lifeless. Keep reading to answer your question about how to keep your hair color from fading.

Well, no more! We here at the Anushka Salon are here to talk you through everything you can do post-color appointments to make sure your new color stays truly radiant for as long as possible! Keep reading and discover all our top tips…

Consider The Shower Products You’re Using

Is your hair color fading after one week? If you’re nodding along you’re likely using the wrong shampoo and conditioner! After all, it’s not by accident that all of our favorite haircare brands spend years developing formulas specifically for beautiful colored hair.

Our advice? Use them! You may not think it’ll make a huge difference from your regular shampoo, but trust us, it will! Color shampoos and conditioners will prevent the hair cuticle from lifting which allows your color to escape whilst you suds up your locks. Additionally, they contain more moisturizing ingredients than regular shampoos which will work wonders for those with colored hair, especially blondes whose hair feels a little dry and over-processed.

Look Out For Sulphate Free Formulas

As an alternative to color-safe shampoos, sulfate-free formulas are also perfect for colored hair. Since these shampoos are formulated without the ingredients that create a lathering effect, they clean the hair without stripping out its natural oils. Without these oils to protect your locks, your color will fade much faster!

Wash Your Hair Less

If your color is fading fast it could also be a sign you’re washing your hair way too frequently. Every time we wash our hair, more pigment can escape from the cuticle. So, it stands to reason that the more often we do it, the more vibrancy we stand to lose!

To combat this, firstly, try to wash your hair less often. We know it might sound like a nightmare but, honestly, if you can train your hair to go longer between washes, it’s going to make your life with colored hair SO much simpler, not to mention more budget-friendly. You’ll spend less time washing, conditioning, drying, and styling your locks, you’ll also maintain your color for much longer meaning less frequent salon visits and less money spent on shampoo and conditioner. It’s a win-win!

We also recommend waiting for at least 72 hours before washing your hair for the first time post color appointment. Seeing as the cuticle may still be open where the color was applied, rinsing it through with shampoo and warm water can remove a lot of the color before the cuticle had a chance to close.

Truthfully, after stepping out of the salon with newly washed, colored, and blow-dried locks, who’s in a rush to wash the style out anyway?!

Keep Your Hair Up Near The Water

No, we’re not talking about shower water. This is fine although we do recommend lowering the temperature to preserve your color for longer if you can!

However, if you’re heading to the pool or plan on having a dip in the ocean any time soon, we highly recommend styling your hair in an up-do and keeping it dry where possible.

Firstly, saltwater can be very damaging to colored hair. It strips it of its moisture and, more often than not, leaves it looking and feeling dry, brittle, and dull. Not really the look we’re going for with a glorious new color!

Secondly, let’s talk about chlorine. In the same way that saltwater can aggravate your locks, pool water containing chlorine can dry them out and leave them looking seriously lackluster. What’s more, this chemical is also a well-known culprit for turning blonde hair green as it bonds with the artificial color and quickly causes it to fade! No thank you. 

Our advice? Keep a cute scrunchie or claw clip nearby for all future summers and beach vacations!

Don’t Wash Your Hair!

Okay, to be clear, we’re not actually saying ‘never’. We’re just saying that if you don’t need to wash it, don’t! This tip really goes hand in hand with washing your hair less frequently and will truly help to lengthen the time between washes. So, how do we suggest you do this? Get your hands on a high-quality dry shampoo!

A few spritzes close to your roots will prolong your last wash and even adds a welcome amount of volume to your tresses! What’s more, as dry shampoo grows in popularity, more and more cosmetics companies are making them in tons of different colors. Therefore, even if you’ve opted for a fiery shade of red you should be able to find a dry shampoo that perfectly suits your shade.

How To Keep Vibrant Hair Color From Fading

Now, a color that closely resembles your natural locks is one thing. Meanwhile, seriously vibrant shades such as pink, red, blue, or amber are most certainly another! If you hadn’t already noticed (of course you have!) These are the shades that really tend to dip in vibrancy very soon after you’ve had them put in.

So how do we stop it? For us, it’s all about preparation and preservation. The tips we’ve given above are all applicable to maintaining brightly colored hair, yet there are even more things you can do to properly maintain very bright colors that always seem to fade super fast after your salon appointment.

Use A Clarifying Shampoo

Before you step out for your color appointment, make sure to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. This will rid your locks of any residual dirt from outside, product build-up, and natural oils. Allowing the color to penetrate straight into the cuticle without having to fight through any other layers. The results? A much deeper, more vibrant, long-lasting color!

Keep On Top Of Trimming Your Hair

For blondes and brunettes, color fade at the ends of your hair may not look exactly how you want it, but it usually blends in enough that it doesn’t look too noticeable. Those with very vibrant shades such as pink, red, or blue, however, will find that the ends. Especially those that are dry or damaged, will not hold color and can very quickly ruin your overall look.

To combat this, keep yourself booked in for regular trims. This will rid your locks of any faded sections and keep your color looking whole and vibrant before your next color appointment.

Want to update your color with something new and exciting for the season ahead? Come and see us here at The Anushka Spa & Salon in beautiful West Palm Beach!