PDO Thread Lifts: How Can They Improve Your Skin?

Are you new to the concept of thread lifts and wondering if they’re the right option for helping you look younger and better than ever? You’re in the right place! Today, we’re going to tell you all about PDO thread lifts. We’ll talk about how they can improve your skin, how they work, and where to get PDO thread lifts in West Palm Beach.

Let’s begin!

What are PDO Thread Lifts?

A Nova® polydioxanone (PDO) thread lift restores balance and lift to your face and stimulates your skin to produce more collagen to restore volume loss.

But how exactly does it do this?

During a PDO thread left, temporary sutures are placed in the skin to lift the face, with a similar effect to a surgical face lift, but in a much less invasive way. 

Specifically, a Nova PDO thread lift is a minimally invasive treatment that lifts and firms your face, restoring youthful contours in less than one hour. The PDO threads contain dissolvable sutures that help lift and secure your lower face and midface to a higher position. But at the same time, they actually stimulate a process called neocollagenesis that improves the quality of your skin over time.

Some patients opt for thread lifts for the entire face, but you can also get more targeted treatments depending on your concerns, including a lip thread lift, which restores volume and shape to your upper lip.

The Benefits of PDO Thread Lifts

A Nova thread lift accomplishes many of the same benefits as a surgical facelift without downtime or recovery. You save money, time, and trauma, and still have a beautifully uplifted face and rejuvenated appearance.

What to Expect

At Anushka Med Spa, perform the procedure using just local anesthesia, so you’re awake or just lightly asleep. 

After the aesthetic professionals prepare your skin, Dr. Bonnie marks the areas on your face where she’ll insert the threads. The threads are composed of biocompatible materials that are configured with either cones or barbs that create traction to help lift your skin and secure it to a higher position. 

Dr. Bonnie uses a very thin, specially designed needle to insert the threads making the procedure as comfortable and minimally invasive as possible. Some threads contain two-directional sutures that lift your face both upwards and horizontally for the most natural look. The cones or barbs grab your skin so that when Dr. Bonnie lifts the threads, your skin lifts, too.

After she secures the threads in place, your procedure is all done! Now, your face or your upper lip is instantly recontoured and lifted. Most patients are able to return to their normal day directly after your facial or lip thread lift. 


Beyond being minimally invasive, what are the other reasons for choosing this option over other medical aesthetic treatments? As it turns out, there are many impressive benefits of PDO thread lifts.

Here are just a few more:

  • Minimal downtime
  • Immediate results
  • Encouraging collagen production for results that continue to improve over time
  • Long-lasting results (12 months or more)

How to maximize the results and effects

We just mentioned that PDO thread lifts offer instant results that can last for 12 months or more. But did you know there are several strategies to get even longer lasting and more impressive results?

You can augment and extend your thread lifts by adding in dermal fillers to create more structure and make up for age-related volume loss:

  • Restylane® or Juvéderm®: Add extra volume to your midface and cheeks; smooth out wrinkles and creases
  • Restylane Silk® or Juvéderm: Structures your thinning lips to make them plumper and more aesthetically shaped; creates a sexy pout
  • Volbella®: A thin filler that adds subtle volume to your lips and makes them look more moisturized (as if you’re wearing lip gloss)

Who is a good candidate?

We have another post that outlines the benefits of PDO thread lifts here.

In it, we also explain who makes a good candidate for this treatment:

“Overall the PDO Thread Lift procedure is great for anyone who wants to improve the texture and turgor of any loose skin around the face, including the neck area. PDO Thread Lifts are especially effective for our patients who have mild to moderate jowling of the lower face. The procedure is also effective for patients who would like to improve frown wrinkles on the cheeks.”


Thread lift costs vary from provider to provider and depend on whether you have them done on your entire face or a single area. On average, thread lifts in the US range from anywhere between $1500 – $4500.


No medical procedure is without its risks. However, thread lifts are minimally invasive and have minimal risks associated with them. These risks are especially low if you turn to trusted providers, like the ones at Anushka Med Spa, for treatment. 

We have a whole post outlining the potential risks associated with this treatment here.

It includes this helpful information:

  • “Visible Threads: Though this is not a common issue, those with particularly thin skin sometimes notice their threads are visible after treatment.
  • Dimpling Of The Skin: This can occur when the threads have puckered and therefore look a little like orange peel through the skin
  • Pain & Inflammation: Though for most the pain and swelling post-treatment is mild, some clients may experience more discomfort with increased inflammation, bruising, and sometimes even a noticeable accumulation of blood beneath the skin known as a hematoma.
  • Broken Threads: Again, this is very uncommon, but on rare occasions, threads within a lift can break leading to a small yet visible bump or an uneven appearance when compared with the other side of the face.”

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If you’re ready to experience the magic of PDO thread lifts at Anushka Spa & Salon, West Palm Beach is the place to be. Our experienced, professional team looks forward to helping you create a look you love with results that will amaze you. 

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