Repairing Heat Damaged Hair


With so many great heat styling tools at our disposal these days, it’s no wonder that heat damage has be-come a problem for so many of us. Whether it’s continual blow-drying, daily straightening or an obsession with your curling iron, without proper protection for your hair, those dry ends and frizzy bangs will inevita-bly creep in. So, how do we repair our hair once the damage is done and more importantly, how do we prevent it from happening to healthy hair in the first place? Read on and discover our top tips to start safe-ly repairing your heat damaged hair right away!

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How do I know if I have heat damaged hair?

When natural hair is exposed to the direct heat of temperatures often exceeding 200 degrees, a few things start to happen:

 Dry or brittle ends
 Hair becomes easily tangled
 Breakage (Usually at the ends of the hair)
 Excessive Frizz
 Lack of shine
 Loss of curls
 Loss of Elasticity
 Hair becomes overly porous

If you’re experiencing one or a combination of these symptoms, it may be that you’ve overdone it on the heat treatments. But don’t worry. That limp, lacklustre appearance, your once curly hair that’s lost its bounce and your lap covered in split ends after every comb through can soon become a distant memory in a few simple steps…

Step Away From the Blow-Dryer

There’s nothing like the feeling of freshly washed, blow-dried hair and when it’s done sporadically with the proper protective treatments in place, you shouldn’t experience any problems. The issues begin when we are constantly reaching the blow dryer, exposing our locks to extreme heat after every single wash.

Did you know, wet hair strands are more fragile than dry ones?

This is due to the behaviour of Keratins, the fibrous structural proteins that make up the majority of our hair structure. When wet, these proteins have a much weaker bond than when they are dry meaning that, as we comb and stretch the hair, it stays stretched and can’t repair itself even once it’s dry. Applying con-centrated heat to damaged proteins then causes dehydration and further weakening of each individual strand. So, how do we prevent this from happening? It’s simple, air drying! Keeping keratins intact by al-lowing them to dry in this undisturbed way will preserve your hairs’ natural balance.

We know as winter approaches this can be a little tricky depending on the climate you live in, you can’t very well step outside with dripping wet locks in a snowstorm of course! Try to plan a time you’ll have hours at home, in the evenings, for example, to let your locks dry naturally. If you really must blow-dry, make sure you protect the hair first. We can highly recommend the Absolute Repair blow-dry cream by L’Oréal Professionnel. It has a gorgeous lightweight formula designed to resurface the hair and leave it feeling noticeably softer and shinier.

Kerastase elixir ultime lhuile originale hair oil

Invest In Quality Heat Protectants

Alongside a great quality shampoo and conditioner such as the Triple Moisture Cream lather shampoo & conditioner by Neutrogena made to deeply moisturise dry, overworked hair, we here at the Anushka Spa & Salon urge you to invest in pre and post heat treatment protectors too.

For all-round protection and nourishment, we suggest investing in the LHuile Original Hair Oil by Kérastase. Just a few pumps of this oil applied evenly using your fingertips has several uses.

Apply the oil to brushed through hair before washing it to remove impurities
Apply it post-wash and before your blow-dry to initiate protection before applying heat.

Additionally, this oil can be used after your blow-dry to regain lost moisture and smooth out flyaways. 

Finally, take your travel size oil to top up your shine on the go!

Treat Your Locks to a Deep Conditioner

Regularly conditioning your hair will do wonders to repair damaged hair and care for broken strands. Many of us are guilty of constant shampooing and foregoing the conditioner, yet we still apply great amounts of heat to our poor strands! Make the change today and the next time you wash your hair, you’ll notice instant improvements. Try the Gold Lust Repair & Restore conditioner by Oribe. This super hydrating conditioner is made solely to repair and revitalize your hair through the use of restorative oils such as Argan and Maracuja. You’ll have smoother, more lustrous hair in no time.

Wait to Apply a New Hair Color

If you’re thinking about coloring but are currently suffering from heat damage, we really recommend wait-ing to apply that dye! As we mentioned before, hair that is damaged by heat often becomes overly porous, meaning it absorbs liquid at a much more rapid rate than before. Dyeing your hair in this state, there-fore, can often result in an uneven finish, highly undesirable! 

On the care side of things, adding what can often be harsh chemicals to your hair like ammonia and peroxide will only damage the hair further. When possible, always wait until your hair is free from heat damage and back to its healthiest point before reach-ing for that dye bottle or making your appointment at the salon. If you’re unsure, your stylist at the Anushka Spa & Salon will be more than happy to talk through your hair needs in terms of coloring..


Indulge In Restorative Keratin Treatments & Protein Treatments

To get the results you want and those that will stand the test of time, we have the perfect regimen. Our traditional keratin treatment will leave you with noticeably smoother, frizz-free hair that lasts for up to 5-6 months. Additionally, there are no harsh chemical straighteners used during the process.

So, why not book yourself in for an appointment at our beautiful hair salon In West Palm Beach, we can guarantee you’ll love the results. It’s the perfect way to protect your hair as well as feeling pampered as you relax in the beautiful surroundings of our penthouse salon.

Whichever treatment you decide is right for you, we hope we’ve inspired you to protect your precious locks and treat them with the care and attention they deserve to stay smooth and perfectly healthy!

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