The Beginners Guide To Microneedling

Guide to microneedling

If like us, you’re constantly questioning how every Instagram model you scroll past seems to have skin glowier than the sun itself, you’re going to want to read on! We’ve discovered some need-to-know tips and tricks to help you achieve that Insta-model glow. Alongside the most amazing products to lock it in for good! Get ready to love your skin (and make some room in your phone memory). You’re about to take a whole lot of selfies…

The Beautiful Benefits Of Microneedling

When a treatment quickly gains worldwide renown and it’s all we hear about on television, through social media, and from our friends, it’s usually worth taking note of! Microneedling, the latest form of collagen induction therapy, is certainly no different and the hype you’ve heard around why and how it’s so effective is absolutely true.

So what is Microneedling used for and which of your skincare issues will it improve upon post-treatment? Let us tell you, the list is long and very exciting! The main issues most men and women wish to address with this treatment are acne scars, stretch marks, improvement of the skin’s production of collagen and elastin, and anti-aging. Overall skin rejuvenation is the goal and that’s exactly what this treatment provides. Post-treatment, though results will differ from person to person depending on the starting point of their skin, you can expect to find that fine lines and acne scars ap-pear significantly reduced. Additionally, your skin will start naturally producing increased levels of collagen and elastin to restore its bounce and dewiness. Our experienced cosmedical professionals here in West Palm will always be able to recommend the best number of treatments and the size of the needle that’s best for your skin type and specific concerns.

How Does It Work?

If you’re a complete beginner and are unfamiliar with the Micro-needling process, plus you have questions about the Micro-Needling device itself, pay close attention!

Micro-needling devices, as you know, can use a range of needles in varying sizes. These range usually between 0.5 millimeters and 2 millimeters. Generally, stretch marks and scarring are treated with longer needles between 1.5 and 2 millimeters whereas wrinkles and fine lines are best treated with needles between 0.5 millimeters and 1.5 millimeters in length. This will depend on the area of skin and how deep the lines or scarring are.

Once your skin is clean and sterilized, the treatment begins. This will ensure there is no unnecessary irritation or infec-tion caused by the process. Next, the ultra-fine needles within the device roll over the skin creating micro-injuries. You won’t be able to see them clearly and they do not bleed or hurt as a regular injury might. That’s because each tiny puncture is so incredibly small! What this will do, is kick start the collagen and elastin production in your skin which heals your skin and gives it back its natural, youthful bounce! Sometimes, we’ll use Hyaluronic acid on the skin during this pro-cess to enhance its absorption and results of your treatment more quickly!

Are There Side Effects And What Skin Care Is Recommended Post Treatment?

As we all know, no beauty treatment in the world comes with zero chance of side effects, even if they’re mild and pass quickly. Luckily, Micro-Needling is one such treatment with very few potential side effects and those that you may ex-perience are very mild and don’t last all that long!

Why is this? Well, for starters, though it initially sounds scary to have multiple needles rolled over the surface of delicate face skin, this treatment is minimally invasive and uses the finest, shortest needles imaginable. They vary in length of course, but your cosmedical technician will be able to recommend the best length for the treatment of your concern areas. You may experience some redness, minor swelling, and slight discomfort but this will heal and pass within a day or two.

In terms of caring for your skin post-treatment, be sure to avoid sun exposure immediately after as your skin will be ultra-sensitive to UV rays. Use only tepid water to clean your face for the first 24 hours and always ensure your hands are clean when coming into contact with the treated areas.

The result of microneedling

Can Micro-Needling Be Done At Home?

Any treatment that involves needles, even those as tiny as this, always carries a risk when it’s done at home. That said, there are certainly products out there with clear instructions and guidelines that will allow you to conduct a home microneedling treatment safely as possible if that’s your wish. If you do decide to go ahead and try this for yourself at home, Anushka Spa & Salon highly recommend starting with the smallest needle size available which is 0.5 millimeters especially if it’s your first go. We wouldn’t suggest using anything longer at home so as not to risk those micro-injuries becoming accidentally infected. You will also need to ensure you sterilize your equipment thoroughly, make sure your skin is completely clean and makeup-free and wear gloves to protect your skin from the transferal of unseen dirt particles.

Whether you decide to visit us here in Palm Beach for a luxurious appointment in the future (we’re just a short walk from popular Clematis Street!) or you decide to try it for yourself at home, we know you’ll love the results of this revolutionary skin treatment!