The Pros and Cons of Dermaplaning: Discover If It’s Right For You

Before booking any hair or beauty appointment, it’s always best to do your research. Find out if it’s right for you. Dermaplaning treatment is no different and, seeing as it involves a small blade, it’s no wonder first-time clients have a ton of questions about it. If this sounds like you, you’re considering dermaplaning but want to know the ins and outs first, you’re in the right place. Let us take you through the answers to all of your ‘hows’ and ‘what if’s’, by explaining every pro and con there is to know!

What Is Dermaplaning?

First things first, let’s talk about what dermaplaning actually is and what the procedure entails. Dermaplaning is a skin treatment during which an experienced aesthetician uses a small, sterile exfoliating blade, to remove both hair and dead skin cells from the face. 

The blade is held at a 45-degree angle, and gently scrapes the outermost layer of the skin. To achieve this the skin is held in a taught position by your aesthetician. This way the blade moves smoothly across the skin. The treatment lasts only around 20 minutes, therefore, you can book in for this alone, or enjoy it in conjunction with other treatments too. 

Does Dermaplaning Hurt?

Absolutely not. During treatment with a licensed professional (as it should always be!), you will not experience any pain at all. Imagine the feeling of shaving your legs, there is a sensation never any pain.

Is Dermaplanning Just Like Shaving?

In a way, yes, dermaplaning is like shaving your face. A blade removes the hair you want gone and dead skin cells along with it. 

However, unlike traditional shaving, dermaplaning is much gentler. The blade used is much smaller for starters. Also, there is less pressure applied. We’re only looking to remove the very top layer of dead skin cells and those fine, whispy facial hairs (vellus hairs). The other main way it differs from shaving is that it’s a lot more precise, largely thanks to that much smaller blade. 

A woman trying dermaplaning

Depending on different skin types, it’s recommended you receive a dermaplaning treatment once a month (4 weeks apart). That is if you want to keep up the results long term. 

How Long Do The Results of Dermaplaning Last?

Once again the results will vary from person to person. Results, therefore, can last anywhere between two and four weeks. 

What Are The Cons Of Dermaplaning?

It’s Not For Everybody

Though many skin types including those with sensitive skin can enjoy dermapalaning, those with cold sores or active acne cannot. This is due to the scraping action of the blade. This can cause a great deal more harm than good for these skin conditions. 

It Can Get Expensive

Though it’s not as expensive as some hair removal treatments such as laser hair removal, derma planning is pricer than many others. If you do decide, therefore, to book this exfoliating treatment every four weeks, things could add up. 

Results Aren’t Permanent/Long Lasting

Unlike waxing or laser hair removal, dermaplaning will not give you long term results. Expect yours to last anywhere between two and four weeks depending on your skin type.

Results May Differ

The results of dermaplaning can differ greatly from client to client. This can depend on the condition of your skin, age, the thickness of your facial hair, and so on. 


What Are The Pros Of Dermaplaning?

Removal Of Excess Hair On Your Face

If you’ve always felt your face had more hair than you’re happy with, dermaplanning could be for you! It’s a very quick, very gentle way of sloughing away those fine hairs to reveal the smooth skin beneath!

It’s Suitable For Most Skin Types

Happily, even those with very sensitive skin are candidates for dermaplaning. Even those that are pregnant or have rosacea. 

If you’re concerned about your specific skin needs, any professional aesthetician should be very happy to discuss them with you. They can assess before treatment whether or not it’s right for you. 

It Does A Lot More Than You Think

Many decide to pursue dermaplaning for the removal of hair and dead skin. However, it’s amazing for so much more than that! Dermaplaning is also capable of improving the appearance of acne scarring and fine lines. Additionally, the removal of peach fuzz means your skin is so much smoother. Your makeup with glide on much better and your skincare products will absorb much easier! 

It’s Quick And Painless!

Dermaplanning is very quick and requires no downtime! Therefore, you can happily book this treatment even if you have only a small amount of spare time.

There Will Not Be Thicker Hair Growth!

Many are put off by the thought of those fine hairs growing back thicker and darker. Happily, this is not true! The hairs grow back just the same as before.