What Is Reverse Balayage?

With spring quickly approaching and summer not far behind, we’re all looking for ways to update our look and go for something a little more out there for the warmer weather. If your usual highlights just aren’t going to cut it for you this year and you really want to change up your look, we highly recommend trying out reverse balayage! It’s the freehand dye technique we’re all talking about right now and you’re about to learn exactly why we’re so obsessed!

Reverse Balayage

As you’ve probably already guessed from its name, the reverse balayage technique is the opposite of the balayage looks we all know and love. (Those which graduate through our strands from dark to light.) So, whereas you’d usually see a darker, perhaps chocolate, brown hair color which has been gently sun-kissed with blonde balayage or lighter brown balayage highlights, this hairstyle does just the opposite, and it’s seriously stunning! If you’re wondering what the word balayage itself means, it’s actually a French word that means to paint or to sweep. This perfectly describes how the color it deposited onto your strands as your new look gets created!

What Are The Benefits Of Reverse Balayage?

Besides the obvious benefit of the most beautiful looking locks you could ever imagine this summer, there are so many reasons for choosing reverse balayage! Regular balayage, of course, offers the most beautiful blond or very light brown highlights to contrast, lift and graduate the appearance of our tresses from dark-er to lighter. Reverse balayage gives a similar look, yet in a very different way. How? Once your look has been created, instead of brown hair that appears highlighted, you’ll be left with the most beautiful, sun-kissed roots which graduate into a sumptuous, rich brown color mid-way through and right to the ends of your hair.

Additionally, as you’d expect from any balayage technique, this way of applying the darker dye to your hair uses a hand-painted method so it looks beautifully natural with a subtle gradient. It’s also perfect for those with blonde hair who have dyed it brown and want to grow it out without bleaching their hair entirely or having to stick with a darker color they’ve tired of!

The transformattion of reverse balayage in hair

Is Reverse Balayage Suitable For Both Long And Short Hair?

Yes! Those with short hairstyles can absolutely opt for reverse balayage. Hairstyles longer than a pixie cut (about the length of a bob or longer) will find this technique totally achievable. Even if it may be slightly easier for those with longer tresses, the whole idea of this technique is to give lighter roots that blend into darker strands. So, if you prefer a more natural-looking shade, you may decide to go for an all-over color instead. The stark contrast from light to dark can be a little too out-there for some! However, if you’re look-ing to turn heads, you should absolutely go for it!

If you have long hair and decide to opt for reverse balayage to mix things up at your next hair appoint-ment, you certainly won’t be disappointed! As much as we adore regular balayage, reversing the technique always gives a unique look to the hair. It’s often a lot more vibrant in style owing to the lighter roots catch-ing the sunlight, it’s also something a little different to what most of us are used to, giving it a real wow factor!

short hair style

How Should I Care For My Newly Dyed Hair?

Once you’ve left the salon and can’t stop flipping your hair back and forth, you’ll want to make sure it lasts and is well taken care of! To keep it looking shiny and healthy and prevent your color from fading, we highly recommend the Bain Chromatique Shampoo and Fondant Chromatique Conditioner by Kerastase. These products are specially designed to leave colored hair vibrant, radiant and perfectly nourished!

Additionally, if you suffer from dry ends and know your hair needs extra nourishment a few weeks after coloring, opt for the Masque Chromatique rich treatment mask. This product is available for both thick and fine hair and fights off all particles responsible for color fading. That’s why it’ll leave your locks feeling nourished and weightless with vibrant, lasting color!

We can bet you’re feeling seriously inspired to take the plunge and try reverse balayage for yourself right about now, and we really don’t blame you! Make a future appointment with us here at The Anushka Spa & Hair Salon in West Palm Beach and we’ll be so pleased to help you achieve this coveted hair color! We’re located in Downtown West Palm Beach Fl, just a short journey from Clematis Street, Palm Beach Zoo, Antique Row, The Norton Museum of Art, Worth Avenue and of course, Palm Beaches!