Youth Correction with Sculptra

By Dr. Bonnie Marting, DNP, APRN, Nure Practitioner

The Anushka Cosmedical Centre, West Palm Beach, FL

Despite the many products and formula updates that have hit the market in recent years within the aesthetics field, none shines as bright (still) as Sculptra. Why? Because it does what no other product does: restores natural, structural youth.

Collagen Stimulation with Sculptra

Sculptra is the one and only product in its category, and its nearly magical results promise natural restoration of the facial profile. As solely a collagen stimulant, Sculptra returns your collagen reproduction to the era of your youth. Without Sculptra, you cannot recreate a youthful appearance that looks natural and healthy – no matter how many collagen supplements you take! 

Elastin Production with Sculptra

When placed properly, Sculptra prompts your skin to recreate its own elastin, collagen, and lasting hydration. While that effect is not permanent, the results last well over a year, and you can expect the results to continue to glow for over 2-3 years! The closest comparison, a dermal filler, lasts only up to a year and has none of the natural regenerative powers that Sculptra contains.

Fat Replacement with Sculptra

As I’ve mentioned many times, part of the natural aging process is losing facial fat. In addition, if you lose weight at any age, it will typically affect the face first. So having Sculptra available as a natural way to re-contour the face and restore volume is incredible.

But there’s one other way that Sculptra inhibits degeneration, and that’s in the bone structure.

Bone Reinforcement with Sculptra 

The aging process, as we know, affects our bones, including the skull. This shrinking of the bone structure starts to slowly contribute to telltale signs of aging as the skull structure begins to hollow out. 

With exercise and weight training, you can help the bones of your arms, spine, hips, and legs rebuild. This is because we have muscle tissue to feed those bones through exercise. But in the face, our muscles don’t work the same to feed our skull.

Thankfully, when placed appropriately, Sculptra can mimic the loss that you have experienced by replacing it not with bone, but with strong collagen. By the way, bone consists of collagen also. Therefore, Sculptra is placed deeply, to mimic the original presentation. 

Finally, as you have probably heard before, Sculptra can return your skin integrity to what you had years before.  Because the placement of Sculptra makes your fibroblasts start to grow collagen, new collagen is created, in a much stronger and resilient manner. 

Book Your Sculptra Consultation

While we all continue to keep our ears open to the newest products in the anti-aging market, I continue to be amazed at the revolutionary nature of Sculptra, which has now for many years proven to be the very best youth-restoring agent in my practice. I invite you to join me for a complimentary consultation at my West Palm Beach office to discuss how the power of Sculptra can help you, too! Please call 561-820-8055 to book your appointment.