Copper & Ginger Hair Colors | The Ultimate Winter Styles

Copper and ginger hair colors for winter? Yes, please! There’s no denying that gingery red, beautifully colored hair has made its way into the spotlight this winter season and it’s a trend we can definitely get behind.

You might be a natural redhead who is looking to spruce up your current color. Or you might be someone who is totally new to the idea of copper and ginger hair colors. Either way, there are so many different variations you can choose from when it comes to this hair color.

To help you explore the world of copper and ginger hair colors, we compiled a list of all our favorite options for achieving this look. Whether it’s a classic copper or a golden apricot-colored ginger, there really is something for everyone when it comes to this color family.

Before we dive into the different ideas to try, let’s start with a few of the basics.

Who Copper and Ginger Hair Colors Look Good on?

Now, we don’t like to say that only certain people should try copper and ginger hair colors. We are strong believers in the idea that if you want to give a hair color a try, then you definitely should! However, certain complexions may match certain copper and ginger color tones more nicely than others.

For example, olive and dark complexions are usually best suited to darker shades of copper and ginger. Think copper brown to help pick up the undertones in the skin. Lighter skin tones on the other hand are usually best suited to brighter shades of red that work as a contrast against the skin. Brighter shades can even help to match the rosiness in the skin.

If you’re not sure about your complexion or what copper and ginger hair colors would look best on you, then you can always consult your hairstylist! They’ll be able to make recommendations based on your unique skin tone and help you feel your best by the time you leave the salon.

How to Maintain Copper and Ginger Hair Colors

One of the things we get asked a lot is about how to maintain copper and ginger hair colors once you have them. It’s common for these types of hair colors to fade quickly.

Luckily, there are some ways to keep fading from happening!

First, it’s a good idea to go a shade darker than whatever hue it is you’re going for. This will help to prolong your hair color and allow you to reach your desired hair color as time goes on and the color fades.

You should also avoid washing your hair for at least two days after you’ve had it colored to help keep the pigment of the color. While you might normally wait 24 hours with other hair colors, 48 hours is best for ginger and copper locks.

Lastly, try using cold water when you wash your hair rather than warm or hot water. This will help to keep your hair looking vibrant and will keep the hair cuticle closed as you’re washing it. You can also shampoo less often and ensure you condition your hair with each wash to help maintain that beautiful color!

Copper and Ginger Hair Color Ideas

Now it’s time for the fun part. Here are some of our favorite copper and ginger hair color ideas for you to try out.

Classic Copper

First on our list is, of course, classic copper. This bright and beautiful color looks fantastic on those with fair complexions and helps the hair to look super rich and glossy. Pair it with a red lips and you’ll have a showstopping look.


Copper and auburn mixed together is a match made in heaven. It includes a nice auburn brown with just a touch of copper to help bring out that beautiful red color. This one looks particularly great paired with gold hoops as an accessory and wine-colored lips.

Flamey ginger

If you’re someone with blond hair this flame ginger color is sure to look stunning. You can get a single process on the color and then maintain it every four to six weeks or so. If you’re someone who was born with naturally flame-colored ginger hair then a gloss every so often is usually enough to keep your hair looking fresh and beautiful.

Gold apricot

Gold apricot is a super versatile hair color to go for. This one usually starts with a base shade of blonde or copper and then adds in the opposite color to help give it a beautiful blonde/red glow. This one looks particularly great on those with medium skin tones – bonus points if you have a few freckles.

Bright copper

Shine bright with bright copper hair color! We love this bright and bold look that pairs perfectly with peachy skin tones. This hair color is particularly great for those who would like to transition from a deeper red to more of a strawberry or golden blond.

Deep copper

Speaking of deep colors, deep copper is definitely an option for those looking for copper hair that’s a little more muted. This deep, rich color is perfectly done with red-velvet undertones. It can be done as bold or as subtle as you like it, but either way, it’s simply stunning.

Pink auburn

You might not think of pink right away when it comes to copper and ginger hair colors, but boy does it make a splash. By adding some pinkish copper to your auburn you end up with a super soft color that looks fresh as ever. Be sure to use a gloss to get the ultimate shine.

Cinnamon ginger

Cinnamon ginger is incredible, especially when paired with green eyes. The darker side of the red can be super flattering on those with eye colors in the green family as it helps the eyes to pop and is a super rich and beautiful color. The versatility of this color is also incredible.

Vivid copper

Looking for something with a bit of punch? Vivid copper is particularly great for helping you to do just that. Style the hair into big bouncy curls for even more volume and wow factor. If you ask us, the more vivid the better.

Tomato copper

Could tomato possibly be the right copper color for you? It’s such a fun and cool trend, we say of course. This hue has found its way to the runway and is popping up more and more among celebrities. Don’t count tomato out.

Blackened red

We’re obsessed with this blackened red color that includes super dark hair with red that pops through and creates a ton of depth and light throughout the hair. It also happens to be extra shiny and eye-catching and looks incredibly stunning on just about every eye color and complexion combination.

Strawberry cream

Strawberry cream is a hair color that’s oh-so-sweet. We love this strawberry blonde color on those with super fair skin. It includes just enough red to bring out the pink undertones in the skin and looks especially great on those with naturally blonde hair.

Fiery copper

Feeling fiery when it comes to your hair? Fiery copper is definitely the way to go. This punchy red ends up looking super cool and can be done using a semi-permanent hair color if you’re not quite ready to commit to a more permanent color.

Copper ombre

This super impressive shade of copper starts deeper in the roots and then fades to a slightly lighter blonde at the ends of the hair. The key to this one is ensuring the perfect blend from the roots to the ends of the hair.

Bronze copper hair color

Is it really possible to mix bronze and copper and come out with a beautiful result? You bet it is! This bronze copper hair color combination allows for plenty of dimensions and ends up looking so elegant. A good way to accomplish this color is by starting with a warm brown with a pop of copper and then adding some highlights throughout.

Ginger shadow root

Last but not least is the ginger shadow root which is great for when your roots start to show through. You can either grow your natural hair out to create a contrast against your ginger hair, or you can get your stylist to color your roots and make them a darker red color so they contrast against your current hair color.

Your Next Hair Coloring Appointment

If you’re feeling ready to try out copper and ginger hair colors for winter (or for any season really) then be sure to book in with Anushka for your next appointment.

The key to getting a color you will love is ensuring you work with someone who is an expert. They’ll be able to make recommendations on which colors are going to suit your skin tone best and will ensure they color your hair so it stays as healthy and pigmented as possible, for as long as possible. Don’t wait a minute longer. Get started by booking your appointment!