Curtain Bangs: A Trendy and Versatile Hairstyle for Every Face Shape

If you’ve been thinking about trying the trendy and versatile hairstyle of curtain bangs, we say go for it! Certain hair trends tend to suit different face shapes and features better than others, but with this trend, we truly believe it’s something that suits anyone and everyone.

Curtain bangs are known for being low maintenance while delivering a lot when it comes to changing up your look. You can think of them as a longer style of bang that softens at the corner of the temples. It’s common for this type of bang to be shorter in the middle near the brow area. It then angles outwards towards the outer edge of the face.

What to Know About Curtain Bangs

Before we dive into the different types of curtain bangs, there are a few things you should know before you decide to get them for yourself. We think you’re going to like knowing each of these things!

Curtain bangs enhance your best features

One of the reasons that curtain bangs work so well is that they enhance the best features of every face shape. It’s amazing how they can work to narrow a broader face which helps transform the face into more of a diamond shape.

If you go for a shorter curtain bang, it can help to define the cheekbones, especially on rounder faces. They also work to nicely frame rounder faces as they can emphasize the roundness when cut a certain way. We truly believe curtain bangs are the more universally flattering bang out there.

They’re low maintenance

If you’re questioning curtain bangs because you’re not quite sure about styling them, you don’t need to worry! This type of bang is textured which means it will grow out a lot more naturally than a blunt or short cut bang.

You can leave your bangs for longer in between trims as they tend to look relatively perfect, regardless of their length. If you find you need a bang trim in between your regular appointments it’s usually pretty easy to pop into the salon for a quick 10-minute bang trim. Low-maintenance girls rejoice!

Curtain bangs are approved by lazy girls everywhere

Speaking of low maintenance, curtain bangs are loved by lazy girls everywhere. If you find your bangs have gotten greasy, it’s super easy to dip them in the sink with some shampoo to quickly freshen them up. You can then use a round brush to blow try them out and you’ll have the perfect fresh bangs ready to go for your day.

There’s no need to wash your entire head to look fresh and ready for the day. Which almost makes curtain bags preferred to no bangs at all. It’s easy to transform your look and be ready more quickly.

Different Types of Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are just curtain bangs, aren’t they? Not quite! Even though curtain bangs follow the same general rules for when they’re being cut, there are actually some different variations that you can try to achieve the same but somewhat different look. Here are some of the different types of curtain bangs to consider.

Above the brow curtain bangs

​A shorter curtain bang that ends just above the brow is great for flexibility. You can grow them out for a little bit longer than curtain bangs that end at the cheekbone which means even less maintenance. We love this look, especially when the rest of the hair is piled high into a bun on top of the head.

Lived-in curtain bangs

If you want something that looks a little less done up then you might go for a more lived-in curtain bang. This look is super retro and super easy to grow out as well. These bangs are usually cut a bit longer which makes the transition to bangs super easy. They’re also super easy to style which is a major perk!

Shaggy curtain bangs

Our love for a shaggy curtain bang runs deep! This bang is a little bit thinner and wispier than a classic curtain bang which makes it super easy to tease a fluff so that they sit above your eyebrows. They can also be styled longer so they frame the face.

Bardot bangs

curtain-bands 2


There truly is nothing sweeter than Bardot bangs. You can think of these ones as the same as a retro curtain bang, just styled slightly differently. If you’re up for something a little more out there then we definitely recommend giving this one a try!

Sparse curtain bangs

Sparse isn’t exactly a word you like to hear when it comes to your hair, but we promise it works when it comes to this style of curtain bang! All it takes is a curtain bang shape that’s super easy to hide if you’re wanting a day without bangs. You get to choose whether or not you want to wear them. It’s always great to have options when it comes to your hair!

Curly curtain bangs

Don’t count curly hair out when it comes to curtain bangs! Curls can totally be incorporated into curtain bangs so they frame the face nicely. In fact, adding curtain bangs to curly hair can help take your curls to the next level. Talk to your stylist about giving it a try!

DIY curtain bangs

If you’ve watched a curtain bangs tutorial and think you have what it takes to do them yourself, we’re going to ask you to think again! It’s best not to cut your own bangs at home as curtain bangs are such a specific look. A professional will be able to figure out the perfect bang for your hair texture and face shape so you end up with something you absolutely love.

Do Curtain Bangs Suit Every Face Shape?

You can think of curtain bangs like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. They truly are a bang that fits everyone! Whether you have an oval or round face shape, a heart-shaped face, a square face shape, or any other kind of face shape, there are ways to make curtain bangs suit you.

Here are some of the different face shapes and some tips on cutting and styling curtain bangs for each one.

Oval face shape

Those with oval face shapes are lucky in the fact that they can pull off just about any bang! For this face shape, we recommend a heavier bang to add drama. Try making the bangs the same length as the forehead and then add longer layers throughout for balance. You could also go for a shorter bang to help lengthen a shorter forehead. The possibilities are endless!

Round face shape

curtain-bands 3

If you’ve got a rounder face shape then we recommend going for something thinner and wispier with lots of texture. This will help to elongate the face and add a bit of angularity.

Styling your choppier layers can be done with a dry shampoo or texturizing spray which will help create a more lived-in look that you’re sure to love!

Heart-shaped face

When you have a heart-shaped face, you’re likely looking to balance a thinner jawline and wider forehead without being too blunt. Try parting the hair in the center and then adding swoopy bangs that end just below the brow line.

You can always use some styling cream and then blow out the bangs with a round brush to get that incredible volume. We love curtain bangs on heart-shaped faces!

Rectangle face shape

curtain-bands 4

If you have a rectangle face shape then you will likely want to avoid choppy bangs. Instead go for a longer bang with the shortest pieces hitting at or below your cheekbones. This will help to add balance and softness to the angularity of your face.

Square face shape

Last but not least is square face shapes! For this face shape it’s usually best to go for shorter curtain bangs. This will help to balance out a stronger jawline and higher cheekbones. It will also lengthen the face, especially when done with a center part and wispier fringe!

Go Out with a Bang

It’s so much fun to match your face shape to one of the different styles of curtain bangs in order to find the perfect look just for you! The possibilities truly are endless when it comes to getting the perfect bangs and at Anushka, we love helping our clients on that journey.

You might go for curtain bangs for your unique face shape, but there are also other options to explore such as wispy bangs, a shag haircut with bangs, and so much more! Our stylists are experts in helping you to determine what look is going to work best for you and then executing it to ensure you walk out of our salon feeling your absolute best.

Ready to get started on your journey toward finding the perfect bangs? Book your appointment with one of our expert stylists in West Palm Beach today.