Summer’s Low Maintenance Hair Trends of 2023

Ahhh, sweet summertime! The sun is out, the weather is nothing short of inviting, and we’re all feeling ready to enjoy. And enjoying to the fullest often means having a lower maintenance routine when it comes to getting yourself ready. That includes your hair!

Summer’s Low Maintenance Hair Trends of 2023

You want to get out and do things with ease and not have to worry too much about your hair while still keeping it looking great. That’s why we compiled our favourite low maintenance hair trends for summer into this list. 

Use these and you’ll be able to stay cool, look cool, and remain as maintenance free as possible throughout the summer!

No effort ponytail

The name of the game when it comes to summer hair trends is as little effort as possible. The no effort ponytail is perfect for this. You can take your ponytail nice and high and secure it with an elastic. You could also keep your ponytail low with plenty of effortless pieces to frame the face. Sometimes less effort just looks better.

Sleek ponytail

Opposite to the no effort ponytail is a sleeker high ponytail. Rather than leaving pieces out you’ll want to slick your hair either straight back or slick it back with a centre part. You might even add some ponytail extensions to help add a bit of drama to the look.

You can get creative with how you part your hair and how you style your ponytail as well. Whether that be sleek and straight or bouncy curls.

Baby bangs


The baby bangs hair trend has quickly jumped to the top of our list! Super short pixie bangs have become all the rage as they give a sweet yet edgy look.

Get your stylist to cut your bangs a few inches above your eyebrows in order to achieve the baby doll bang look. This style is super easy for summer and will also help keep you nice and cool as things heat up.

Mermaid hair


Long hair is also in for summer with the mermaid hair trend. And it’s easy to achieve with extensions if you don’t happen to be blessed with hair down to your hips.

That could be a wig, sew-ins, or even clip-ins to get the desired look. You can get your extensions in just about any colour, volume, and length to help achieve the oh-so-beautiful mermaid hair.

Braided ponytail

Another way to spice up your ponytail this summer is with a simple, yet stunning braid. Style your hair back into a ponytail based on your preference and then braid the ponytail into a simple braid. Secure it at the end with a smaller elastic and you’ll have a super chic look that couldn’t be easier to achieve.

Bubble ponytail


The ponytail trend doesn’t stop at braids. Another fun way to spice up your ponytail without having to put in too much effort is with a bubble ponytail.

Style your hair back into a ponytail to your liking and then style the ponytail itself into bubbles. All you need to do is tie elastics down the base of the ponytail approximately an inch apart. Pull out the section gently in between the elastics to create bubbles in the hair.

This look is super chic and also extremely easy to do.

Redhead warmth

As things are warming up, so may your hair color! The redhead trend is still going strong, even as we head into the summertime. In fact, warmer colors in general are making their debut this summer and are sure to leave you feeling fabulous. Ditch the ashier colors and make a statement this summer!

Blunt bob

The bob is a great go-to for the summer. It’s cool and it’s a fresh look if you’re looking to mix things up from longer locks.

Make your bob extra blunt and short if you really want to make a statement. You can also add a baby bang or straight across bang for a bolder, more dramatic hair look.

Hair bling


Sure, you know all about wearing a blingy outfit to your summer events. But did you know it’s something that can be added to your hair as well?

The hair blinger is a great and easy way to add gems throughout your hair. You can do any type of hair style whether it be down or pulled back into a ponytail. Add your gems with ease and you’re sure to sparkle at your next summer event.

Top knot

The top knot is just one of those hairstyles that’s so easy to do but can end up looking super styled and chic when done right. Pull your hair up into a knot tight on top of your head and secure it with bobby pins.

That’s really all you need to get this effortless look you can take with you throughout the entire summer!

Structured and shaggy

If you’re looking for some low maintenance edge this summer then structured and shaggy could be just what you’re looking for. You might commit to a full on mullet or simply embrace some added texture. You can always use products to help add more volume and fullness to the hair. Either way, this one is sure to help you make a statement!

Bright blonde

Nothing says summer quite like a nice bright blonde. In fact, we’re starting to see going lighter becoming a major trend as blondes are going blonder and other shades of hair are starting to get lighter as well.

For you bright blonde, try going for a sun-kissed look that will be low maintenance and will last you throughout the summer.

Messy bun

Is the messy bun still making it on the trending list? You bet it is! Messy buns are known for being undone but while still allowing you to look chic.

Rock your messy bun at any and all occasions. Whether that be a night at home with some friends or heading out to a summer soiree.

Curly ponytail

The curly ponytail is a great go to when you’re quite sure what to do with your hair. It almost always guarantees a good hair day and is super easy to achieve. Take your curly ponytail low and loose or tie it up high and add plenty of bouncy curls.

Healthy hair

A hair trend all on its own this summer is simply having healthy hair. Regardless of your hair type, you want your hair to be healthy first and foremost.

For some that may mean putting down the bleach and hair tools and letting your hair have a chance to come back to its natural health.

Frizzed out

Opposite to shiny healthy looking hair is the frizzy trend. But we don’t mean hair that’s dry and unhealthy looking. Frizzed out hair is simply all about adding some grit to the hair with texturizing spray to help you get some extra volume and texture.

Half up, half down

Another easy, but beautiful hair trend for summer is the half up, half down hairstyle. It’s especially great for days in between washes where you still want to wear your hair down. Simply take the top half up and secure it with an elastic or clip. 

Dreamy Summer Hair

We hope this list is helpful as you look to find the perfect low maintenance hair style for summer! And if you’re needing a bit of a refresh before the summer is in full swing, look no further than Anushka Salon & Spa. 

Our expert hair stylists are eager to help you get the perfect colour and cut for your dream summer hair. We love helping our clients through the discovery process and can’t wait for you to walk out our doors feeling like one million dollars.

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