Why the Blunt Haircut is the Must-Try Trend of the Year

Allow us to put this bluntly… the blunt haircut is topping the charts as the must-try trend of the year and we couldn’t love it more! You’ve probably seen this haircut on the runways or even while you’re out and about. It’s definitely gaining popularity as it proves to be an incredibly chic style that’s also super versatile. 

The question is, is this trend for you? Before you decide on whether or not to give the blunt haircut a go, you should know as much as possible about it. We’re going to run through everything you need to know about the blunt haircut so you can be absolutely certain!

What is a Blunt Haircut?

First things first, what is a blunt haircut? It’s essentially a type of haircut that’s done without any layers. The style is generally very straight across which helps it to look super sharp.

This style can be done on just about anyone as it’s incredibly versatile. So regardless of whether you have long, short, straight, or curly hair, there’s a way to make the blunt haircut work for you.

The blunt haircut also happens to be a perfect transitional haircut as it can help to get rid of damaged ends. If your hair has been damaged from heat or even the sun, you might use the blunt haircut to boost your hair health and get back that sleek shine you’re surely looking for.

Benefits of a Blunt Haircut

Let’s dive a little deeper into some of the reasons getting a blunt haircut can be such an optimal choice.

  1. A powerful look

There’s no look quite as powerful as the blunt haircut! This haircut is known to provide the strength of character and can add a chicness to your look that you won’t get with many other haircuts. If you’re looking to achieve a more professional appearance or even one that’s more high fashion, then this cut is definitely worth giving a try!

  1. Works with any texture

You won’t need to worry about your hair texture when it comes to a blunt haircut. This style is known for its ability to work with just about any kind of hair texture.

If you’re someone with denser hair then you might just want to ask your stylist to soften your cut slightly. This will help to break things up a little bit and not leave you feeling like your hair is too heavy.

  1. Healthier hair

If you’ve been feeling like your hair is damaged and like you need a bit of a health boost, this style is definitely worth trying. It’s an easy way to get rid of those nasty ends and add some thickness throughout. Your hair is going to look a lot healthier and feel like it too!

Styling Options for a Blunt Haircut

Now that you have some reasons why getting a blunt haircut is so great, you’re probably looking for a little bit of inspiration. There are plenty of different styling options for a blunt cut. It’s all about choosing the best one for your unique hair and face type.

Short and blunt with balayage

We love adding balayage to a short blunt cut. It helps to add texture and a bit of volume as well! This haircut looks extra cool with messy curls and is sure to leave you feeling chic.

Blonde center part


women with a short blunt haircut


Is there anything quite as magical as super blond hair that’s cut short and blunt? Not if you ask us! We love seeing super blonde hair all over with a center part.

This style can be worn straight or you can add in some textured waves for volume.

Black and chin-length

In contrast to the super blonde blunt cut is the black chin-length bob. If you’re wanting your look to be extra sharp then this is definitely the way to go.

There’s no doubt you’ll end up looking like you just walked off the runway.

Blunt with added fringe

Is there anything more classic than a short blunt cut with blunt bangs to match? We love this look, especially when it comes to darker hair colors. Just be careful with this style if your hair is on the thinner side as this cut is known to accentuate the fineness of the hair.

Dark and beachy

If you have dark hair and are looking for something a little bit softer you might style your dark blunt haircut with beachy waves. It’s a wonderful way to add some texture and volume to your look and also happens to be 10/10 cute.

One of the best things about this style is it can work on pretty much any hair type.

Asymmetrical bob

women with asymertical bob haircut


The asymmetrical bob is one of the chicest haircuts you can get! It looks especially great on straight hair and square face shapes. The angled asymmetry really helps to add a feminine and cute touch to your look.

Side part blunt bob

You of course want to be able to play around with your blunt cut and style it both curly and straight. One of the best ways to ensure you’re able to do that is with a side part. It’s a great way to make the hair look extra thick and textured. Not to mention will allow you to mix things up whenever you choose.

Fine hair

Even if you have fine hair the blunt cut can work for you. It just has to be done the right way! You’ll notice with fine hair and blunt cuts, the sharp edge can help to create the illusion the hair is super full and voluminous. Get a professional to help you find the perfect cut for finer locks.

Extra short blunt cut

If you’re feeling daring then you might go for the extra short blunt cut. This look is super trendy and will add a chicness to your look you won’t get with many other cuts. 

The awesome news is, it looks nice with pretty much all hair types.

Long and straight

If you’re wanting to go blunt and take off a bit of length, but aren’t wanting to go super short, then you might try the long blunt bob. The cut should be done to show the dramatic edge of the hairstyle and should look fantastic when styled straight.

The great thing about keeping a bit of length is that it will allow you to style it in different ways as well

Long and blunt

redhead with long blunt haircut

The blunt cut isn’t just for short hair. You can cut blunt hair to all one length regardless of how long or short you choose to go. This can end up looking super chic on long hair when cut correctly and we couldn’t love it more.

Choosing the Best Stylist for Your Blunt Haircut

Your last step in your blunt haircut journey is to choose a hair stylist and book in for your appointment! If you’re in the West Palm Beach area then you should definitely check out Anushka Salon & Spa for your dream blunt haircut.

Our hair stylists are pros in finding the perfect haircut to suit you and your preferences. And we can’t wait to get started! Get in touch to book your next appointment.