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reverse balayage

What Is Reverse Balayage?

With spring quickly approaching and summer not far behind, we’re all looking for ways to update our look and go for something a little more out there for the warmer weather. If your usual highlights just aren’t going to cut

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Guide to microneedling

The Beginners Guide To Microneedling

If like us, you’re constantly questioning how every Instagram model you scroll past seems to have skin glowier than the sun itself, you’re going to want to read on! We’ve discovered some need-to-know tips and tricks to help you achieve

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are you suffering from hair fall

Are You Suffering From Hair Fall?

Whether you intermittently suffer from hair fall or this is a new and unwelcome occurrence for you, take a moment before you panic! Excessive hair fall happens to most of us at some point within our lifetime and although it

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The best product for tattoo healing

Hands Down The Best Product for Tattoo Healing

You finally decided on a tattoo, booked the appointment, got it done, and love the results! So, now that the hard part’s over, how do you keep your new ink looking fresh and defined throughout the healing process and forever

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half up half down

Pretty Hairstyles for Brides with Short Hair

Let us start by offering a huge congratulations on your engagement and upcoming nuptials! Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life, even when there are seemingly endless decisions to be made. Where will the

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This Is Why You Need Retinol

It’s near impossible to hear the word ‘retinol’ without the follow up of ‘miracle ingredient’ these days. But, is it as good as all our favorite influencers and beauty sites claim it is? In short? The answer is yes! Read

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5 Gorgeous Ways To Wear Pink Hair Right Now

Maybe you’re actively searching out a new hair color or perhaps you’re simply weighing up your options for something fresh come spring. Either way, we’re pretty sure you’re about to fall totally in love with these stunning pink hair colors!

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